Download Driver Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN

Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN Driver Download. The driver installation as a network printer is semi-automatic Windows. 7 Dissolve the installation and can locate the printer, Windows does the rest alone. As for me, UAC is sensitive, how to install the WSD printer portion was a bit bumpy. In Windows XP, you have to set up even completely hand carry. Unfortunately, the installation tool from the CD finds the network printer, so you must first install the USB version.
After that, we have set up with the help of some internet forums by hand a network interface, what we were able to stop the printer later. For other operating systems I can not speak. The toner cartridge looks cheap and their handling a bit bulky. Otherwise, the printer is ready to welcome quickly.

Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN Printer Driver Download

The printer offers when using the network interface to a management website. This makes all the settings of the small operator menu on the top panel. In addition, print settings can be made, which will take effect if one uses it as a plain text printer. The portal also offers all the modern functions of IT security, as can administrators set up and restrict the access otherwise.
Even encrypted access is possible. The printer can print status emails to send, but also receive for printing. Furthermore, it can be moved expressed over NetBEUI, LPD, FTP, IPP, Raw and WSD. Overall, the printer qualifies characterized for use in larger workgroups. Whether it is also robust enough, I can not say for a month.

Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN Software Driver Download

Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN Driver Download
Download Printer Driver Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN
Choosing the paper source between Cassette or MP tray is carried out at the printer unfortunately based on the media type you want to print. Therefore, the printer prints not necessarily loaded in the MP tray medium when leaving the setting for the paper source to \”Auto Source Selection\”. In addition, the MP tray is set to the paper type \”labels\”. You have in the print settings either the media type also suitable choose (what we have never thought in time) or just specify the source, but then still valid for the next printing. The choice of the media type matching paper source makes the other hand, in distinguishing multiple cassettes sense that you indeed can also be retrofitted. The printer controls an eco-print picture, saving really clearly visible on toner. Correspondence I do not want to write it, but for reading concepts or the like that is fine. For eco concept also includes the duplex capability of the printer and that his driver supports multiple pages per sheet, which still could not accept every application itself.
Download Driver Printer Kyocera Ecosys P2135DN
Print speed is laser-usual fast. Unfortunately, the pressure from several sides at a time is not liquid and is interrupted by pauses, which pass through the constantly renewed power up of the mechanics, the printing time in the length. Since we have connected the printer via Ethernet, only the processing speed of the computer or the printer\’s memory offer themselves as the cause of what we have not been able to clarify. Anyway, not every episode page prepared fast enough before the previous sheet is out and the printer is already touring the mill down again. The power requirements of the printer fluctuates at start-up and pressures between 400-800W and is during standby with fan running at 10W. After a minute, he goes into a sleep mode with 6W consumption and after another five minutes to sleep with 1W power consumption. When two power he is no longer heard. The times are adjustable. Overall, the printer is good both for beginners and for experienced power users and for professional workgroups. In principle, you can unpack it and immediately begin printing. The range of functions is extensive and adjusted in many details thanks to sophisticated software. At the same time, the printer provides the well-known from other laser printers in the print image quality.
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