Download Driver Kodak ScanMate I1150

Kodak ScanMate I1150 Driver Download. Nowadays, commercial transactions must go quickly. In direct customer contact companies often need to quickly scan documents and gather information and quickly proceed to the next transaction. Staff at the registration of a company need to scan a wide variety of paper documents and identity cards or debit cards may. For employees, it is important to prevent this data from being lost during the transaction or misfiled.

Kodak SCANMATE I1150 Scanner Driver Download

Scanning should not detract from the customer the attention of the employee. For office managers, it is important that their employees focus on the customer and thereby fulfill repetitive tasks and increase the number of transactions per day. Efficient imaging technology is indispensable. Such everyday challenges many organizations are facing each other, including applications in doctors\’ offices, queues at bank counters, state and municipal administrative offices, and insurance agencies.

Kodak SCANMATE I1150 Software Driver Download

Download Driver SCANMATE I1150
Driver SCANMATE I1150 Download
With the lightning-fast \” transaction mode\” of ScanMate I1150 Scanner allows you to process in a jiffy small stack of documents – including maps. Many transactions include 10 or fewer documents. The ScanMate I1150 increases its speed by 60%, to capture the first 10 documents in transaction mode, and then returns to normal speed. Our built-in card holder can help you – for you and your customer visible – to keep track of cards while you scan documents. The intelligent document protection \” hears\” issues and stops scanning immediately to protect valuable documents and to obtain. The excellent paper transport technology from Kodak Alaris provides scanning without jams and misfeeds.

Driver Download SCANMATE I1150

System administrators can manage a user-friendly solution and wait for selected Kodak Scanners in your network. Optional Kodak Asset Management Software offers a thin-client dashboard, thereby optimizing time, budget, resources, and efficiency. Learn more about each scanner and can use your network more effectively. The Kodak I1150 Scanner ScanMate fits under a counter or on a table and is always ready for use. In transaction mode, the first ten pages are recorded at turbo speed. It scans so quiet that you hardly hear it – ideally located in the busy office environment or when you talk to patients.
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