Download Driver Kodak Office Hero 6.1

Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Driver Download. Upon receipt of the first surprise: While most technical devices are becoming smaller, this seems not to apply to multifunction devices in the pressure range: the duplex unit makes the Kodak Office Hero (KOH6) good 1/3 larger than my Brother machine. The next surprise is the lack of USB connecting cable – in a product in this price range more than just a bad joke. However, the installation and connection of KOH6 wlan running in return properly, with the restriction that he wanted to save the Access data until after the 3rd time finally. Contrasting this, the display of the WLAN access (blue) from the other keypads (red) is different, so that you can easily noticed interference. The instrument is equipped with a black and a bright color cartridge – the next not so nice surprise thus: the individual colors are not in separate cartridges before, which increases fuel consumption and thus the costs generally.

Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Printer Driver Download

For me the most important aspect of the device: the duplex printing. Who documents regularly print 2-sided manually tried knows how annoying this can be hair-raising, especially for larger files. The KOH6 does this work properly, however, not exactly the fastest pace. And anything but silent – clicking and rattling of the feed is partially almost disturbing. In general, the print quality of text documents to as very good, whether in black or color printing, whether inclusive tables, charts or embellishments. Duplex printing you should make sure to use slightly thicker and better quality office paper, otherwise a slight wave of the expression is determined.
Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Software Driver Download
Kodak Office Hero 6.1 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Kodak Office Hero 6.1
Scan and fax function properly, which scan only makes little sense in the four-digit range due to the wide range of existing DPI extremely large files. An automatic image cleanup (small thing, dust, etc.) will apparently not take place. For my use, a value of 300 DPI has proven advantageous. Scanned documents can also be stored on a memory card or sent to an email recipient, so that a powered PC is not necessary. The menu and input keys of KOH6 are good from the pressure sensitivity, the input of phone numbers for faxing can flawlessly go out of hand. Copy makes like scanning a good impression, but the colors are not always reproduced original 100%. This applies for printing on paper, as well as on special printer slides. The issue of photos on the appropriate photo paper, however, has surprised me positively and qualitatively affects considerably higher than the color printing on conventional office paper.
Download Driver Printer Kodak Office Hero 6.1
The speed photo printing and copying is really good at text documents properly, at Duplex rather slow. The accompanying print and scan software is okay and gets the usual options from other suppliers. The nasty surprise but comes to the conclusion: the appointment of new ink is a costly undertaking. Third-party seem to avoid Kodak equipment and for me it means a change from Brother to a sixfold increase in the ink cartridges KOH6 prices – with a device that holds all colors in one cartridge. Of course there is the option of refill kits, but even these are found to be significantly more expensive than my previous cartridges. What convinced me compared to my old unit from Kodak Office Hero 6.1 of duplex printing, the smooth access via Wi-Fi and a decent sized paper tray. Volume, speed and especially ink price, however are points that are clearly open to criticism, especially if you put the purchase price of the unit is based.
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