Download Driver Jelly Comb AMCap Webcam 1080P HD

Jelly Comb AMCap 1080P HD Webcam Driver Download. The Jelly Comb AMCap camera was recognized automatically and quickly under Windows 10 and installed without manual intervention. It works right away with various programs (Skype, Zoom, Teams, Discord). The Jelly Comb AMCap image quality is good, you only notice blurring when you move quickly. The automatic focusing and adjustment to changing light conditions works, but sometimes takes a little longer.

Jelly Comb AMCap Drivers & Pros – Cons

The built-in microphone also works well, but of course it cannot match the quality of a headset microphone. You should also make sure that the microphone sensitivity in Windows is set high enough. Corresponding instructions can be found quickly if you search for \”Windows 10 microphone too quiet\” or something similar.

Overall, the camera offers a good price / performance ratio and is well suited for normal video conferences in the home office. I ordered the camera in order to be able to take part in online meetings with a video signal and to use the camera as a facecam for YouTube videos in the future.

The image quality is satisfactory, especially given the very low price of this camera. The autofocus works quickly and reliably. The camera is fun to work with. You have to keep in mind that this is a wide-angle lens, so a larger angle is recorded. This can sometimes mean that larger parts of the room can be seen on the camera image. Whether you want that is up to you.

In terms of microphone quality, I can say less because I work with an external USB microphone (Auna Mic 900). The sound quality is acceptable, you can understand what has been said. The audio quality, however, does not match the level of (halfway) good headsets or even microphones. However, since we are talking about an entry-level webcam, this is not a negative point for me.

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Jelly Comb AMCap Software Download

Although it is quite clunky, the inner values ​​of the Jelly Comb AMCap seem pretty much the same as the LOETAD H605. However, the board or the firmware of the Jelly Comb seems to be a bit more up-to-date. The webcam is recognized correctly by Linux and works fine with Zoom and Skype. The picture is a little pale, but this can be regulated. Unfortunately, I still can\’t get a natural color image. The autofocus can be deactivated and the focus set directly.

But that wasn\’t really practical either. The usable focus range is very small in relation to the offered range of values. A color noise can be seen, but the webcam doesn\’t exactly cost the world for that. I don\’t know whether it is due to the color noise and the associated effects during the coding, but the picture just doesn\’t look \”sharp\”, somehow blurred. A multilingual manual is included (including German). I did not try the microphone on this webcam either because I use an external microphone. The USB cable is firmly connected.

Jelly Comb AMCap Pros:

  • * Supported by Linux without an error message
  • * Subjectively slightly less color noise than the LOETAD H605
  • * More recent firmware (or hardware) than in the LOETAD H605
  • * Offers a variety of settings via v4l2 and the uvcvideo kernel mode that also work (not like the AODE Webcam 2K)
  • * Auto focus works and hits, speed is normal, I would say fast So far, I have not noticed any pumping.
  • * The cover of the lens is released as a fixed slide that can be operated with one hand
  • * Sufficiently long USB cable (170cm + plug)
  • * Thread for tripod attachment
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Jelly Comb AMCap Cons:

  • * Jelly Comb AMCap delivers less and less than the advertised 30 images / sec (usually around the 25 frames / sec)

I cannot recommend the webcam unreservedly because of the weaknesses in the image and the 30 frames / sec not being achieved, but it is definitely better than my old creative webcam. And for the price, I think it\’s ok too.

Jelly Comb AMCap Driver Download for Windows

Webcam AMCap V3.0.9 – Download

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