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HTC VIVE Driver Download. The HTC Vive is probably the most fascinating technology product I have ever bought. It currently exploits the possibilities of virtual reality better than all competitors. In principle, VR offers the possibility to visit any place virtually, to experience any situation. For the feeling of a nearly perfect immersion are two things to tens of hours VR Testing in my view essential that currently only the Vive standard provides: The representation of the hands in VR using the Vive Controller. Keeping track of all your own movements in space (Roomscale) and in 360 degrees (I use an area of ​​2.5 x 2 meters and less should not be).
HTC VIVE VR Driver Download
At first it was not clear to me. 360-degree videos looked as good as the Vive with the Samsung Gear VR and the Oculus CV1. Also minecraft for Oculus could bind me at the beginning despite simple gamepad control longer than many HTC Vive games / experiences. But correct VR is not limited to watching videos or moving a joystick back and forth. New content has made it clear to me that the immersion only starts when one enters the virtual situation with the whole body, stands, kneels, turns and grips with the hands. A first key experience was the (unfortunately much too short) mountaineering experience \”Everest VR\”.
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HTC VIVE Driver Download

Download Virtual Reality Driver HTC VIVE
The completely out of the shed has me then \”Onward\”. The tactical shooter puts a VR directly on a container ship, a poor noise or in the urban house battle. In two teams of 4, they compete against each other, equipped with a combat gun, radio, grenade and melee weapon. The enemy bullets can come from all directions. The full freedom of movement here means experiencing the threat in 360 degrees. This means above all, look for cover, entrench themselves behind walls etc. and when it becomes threatening also times limp.
Download Driver Virtual Reality HTC VIVE
All these moves are taken over the HTC Vive Roomscale perfectly in the game. A normal gaming monitor and be it in 4K or 8K simply can not convey such a feeling. However, the movement on further routes is controlled by the directional buttons on the controller. Unfortunately, such high-class content is still relatively rare. But the hardware is ready and at the latest when Bethesda as announced and with Doom and Fallout pioneering VR Games brings, the Vive is also given to a wider audience their deserved recognition.
*Requirements: Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6 or later
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