Download Driver Glorious Model D

Glorious Model D Gaming Mouse Driver Download. This Glorious Model D mouse to replace a master cooler from the master keys lite L kit and to pair with a CK550 master cooler keyboard. It is one of the lightest mice on the market but unlike the cooler master MM710 / 711 it does not give up on ergonomics and aesthetics. I preferred it to the model O because of its ergonomic shape. The software is well made and comfortable to use, the skates glide well. Satisfied with the purchase.

Glorious Model D Drivers & Features

In my opinion one of the best mice on the market, I make the return only because I took a model O and it suits the shape of my hand more. I have owned G502, g pro wireless and many other mice but have not been as good with this one. Recommended gaming mouse!

If you are looking for a quality mouse look elsewhere, the keys have too much play and the poor quality of the materials is felt at first glance. I personally found the sensor to be of medium level, which in addition to not being 100% accurate, is adjustable by 100 dpi +/- and not by 50 as it should be in 2020. Note absolutely in favor is the smoothness and weight, it seems to have a feather in your hand.

Assuming that I have very large hands (22cm long x 13cm wide) and I use a Palm grip. I have tried many top mice (Razer viper ultimate which I still own, steelseries, Logitech, Asus and fnatic) never managing to find the right 100% feeling. For a few days I have been using the glorius model de after a few minutes I say \”WoW\”.

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Glorious Model D Software Download

Starting from the ergonomics, Glorious Model D is a show, I can finally take the whole mouse without my palm coming out sideways, the keys have a marked but definitely sweet sound when clicked. Regarding the weight, having already a super light mouse I found no difference. The laser is also excellent, very precise, easy and intuitive software. Right now, the best gaming mouse for FPS gaming. I will update the review in a few weeks for news.

Glorious Model D is an optimal product. very easy to use and understand software. excellent mouse and suitable for medium and large hands. if you have small hands I do not recommend it, otherwise excellent product. If pressed with a finger tip position at the base of the key, the switches are wedged in their final position. The return period has now expired, so I will have to purchase a different product.

A top-of-the-range mouse in my opinion, considering the price of only 69 euros. Lightweight, easy to set up, exceptional for fps having only two buttons on the left. Only flaw, it seems quite delicate as a mouse, so I recommend the Glorious Model D for those who do not have heavy hands when playing.

Glorious Model D Software Download for Windows

The Model D is a driver-free mouse that is ready to go right out of the box (plug and play). Settings such as LED effects and DPI can be adjusted directly on the mouse, without any software. For more advanced options, our free software allows you to edit and configure the mouse to your liking. Here Download Windows Glorious Model D Software

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