Download Driver GeForce 900 series family

GeForce 900 series family

First things first, there are about 6 extraordinary cards below one umbrella here so i\’ll explicitly say that the one I purchased was once the (04G-P4-2977-KR) (FTW reference with ACX 2.0 heatsink/fan assembly, hardware variant 1.0). The product picture on Amazon confirmed that it might have a \”REF\” labeled on the front of the box even as SuperClocked would get a \”SC\” and FTW would get a \”FTW\”. My box showed a \”SC\” despite the fact that it\’s genuinely a \”REF\”; established by way of the sticker on the underside of the cardboard with the distinct modal number \”2977\”. The SuperClocked card is a \”2974\”. I purchased the \”2977\” given that it was the most cost effective card at the time compared to the FTW which was $100 greater than the reference; reference meaning that the cardboard has the same accessories because the FTW but it wasn\’t stable at the FTW default (overclocked) clocks so it is rebranded as the \”SuperClocked\” card.

The card is practically precisely the equal length as my EVGA GTX 680 SC Signature 2. With the vigour savings there are only 2 6-pin energy adapters alternatively of the 1 6-pin and 1 8-pin that my 680 had. Ripped all the protective covers off the fan meeting (cellophane), the rubber cap on the PCI-e male-end. The PCB is beautiful sturdy (I learn some persons saying that the reference board for the 970 is not) but a pair fins had been bent. I readily shifted and fixed them however simply saying. One nook of the rubbery cap that encapsulates the PCI-e male-end even as in-package was torn which I observed odd. There was once some talks that the SuperClocked ACX 2.0 heatsinks didn\’t make good contact with the heatpipes on the base of the heatsink (you\’ll discover photographs for what I mean by using Googling for it). I did not and will not dispose of my heatsink to confirm however i will be able to say with walk in the park that my ACX 2.0 heatsink design is definately unique from said graphics – more heatpips additionally. I\’ll submit photographs after I receive my 970 backplate as i will be ripping my card out then anyways.

GeForce 900 series family Driver Download
GeForce 900 series family
GeForce 900 series family
Set up (replace 12/19/14 it sounds as if i am not the one one with a GTX 970 and the DVI-D port not working. Google \”GTX 970 DVI-D no longer working\”)

1) I planned to put in this in a home windows laptop so after booting into riskless-Mode (With Networking) I downloaded \”DDU\” (display Driver Uninstaller). Some say that beneath the identical company (i.E. Nvidia 680 changing with Nvidia 970) which you can quite simply swap playing cards with out uninstalling drivers however I wish to play it secure. \”DDU\” is the only sure manner that you would be able to do away with any video driver traces from your laptop. \”DDU\” has the option to uninstall drivers THEN shutdown – this is the choice I chosen from the application. To proceed taking part in it nontoxic I uninstalled EVGA Precition X program as well.

2) After shutdown I swapped cards then powered on the computer. I plugged my reveal into the DVI-D feminine adapter and my monitor stated \”No signal\”. I had earlier used the DVI-D for my 680 so I wasn\’t sure why this wouldn\’t work. I plugged the display cable into the DVI-I female adapter and voila!, working satisfactory. Fascinating that I can\’t get DVI-D to work. I proceeded to install Nvidia Geforce experience first then through that application established the drivers. Once set up whole I rebooted my machine. For a different measure i attempted plugging again into DVI-D…\”No signal\”. Bizarre.

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FIRST utilization AND \”COIL WHINE\” (replace 12/19: After two days of use (9 hours of gaming) the coil whine is obviously now not as loud anymore however still noticable)

very first thing I did after I swapped cards was once boot up Watch dogs. In the course of the rendering of the primary menu I heard this terrible and really LOUD whine eminating from my computer tower. The lovers did not even kick on yet at this point so the whine used to be VERY loud – I cannot emphasize \”VERY\” ample! After a couple of minutes it quieted down just a little however in no way certainly went away. I\’m no longer kidding men and women…It\’s loud! At the least mine is.

Once at the essential menu I went into settings and set the whole thing to their highest setting (\”ultra\”, and chose HBOA+ for ambient occlusion). My prior card only had 2GB of vRAM so enjoying Watch dogs on \”ultra\” was once a no-go. \”high\” setting wouldn\’t particularly work so I needed to turn various matters down from \”high\”. Game loaded and that i ran around for slightly; rendering was once soft as reducing butter. Strong! The transformation was definitely wonderful. However, do note that there\’s a change between photographs \’stutter\’, for lack of a greater time period, and non-optimized game \’stutter\’ – which you could experience in Watch puppies quite simply by using around the block in a automobile for more than a minute. When the \’subsequent\’ field is rendered there\’s little bit of a sport \’stutter\’. I performed for approximately 20 minutes and on no account heard the coil whine in-sport…Best at the most important menu.

I established Furmark app from ozone3D which is a heavy-hitting GPU instensive benchmark. For testing I chose a decision of 1920×1080, anti-aliasing to 8x MSAA (MSAA is naturally GPU intensive), selected settings and selected all of the checkboxes available (really whenever you opt for the 2d choice (sorry wouldn\’t have it in front of me) handiest 2 checkboxes emerge as the only ones enabled). I chose to do a GPU severe scan and the benchmark began…So did the coil whine. For these of yous acquainted with Furmark, there are truly fury donuts rotating round. The coil whine would get louder centered on how \’shut\’ to the display they had been. After 10 minutes the whine in no way ceased and for these of you  my temps never rose above 71C (ambient temp 66). Robust! My 680 fan\’s (default fan curve in EVGA Precision X) would have spun up loud just at the principal menu screen.

GeForce 900 series family

I am no longer an agressive OC\’er anymore however I nonetheless like to tinker reasonably. I want to reiterate that i have the FTW reference card rebranded as \”SuperClocked\” – as mentioned within the first paragraph (TL;DR: which from my reading has all FTW accessories/fan (be aware heatsink difference between \”SC\” and \”FTW\”) however clocked at \”SuperClocked\” speeds seeing that could not maintain FTW clock speeds). I read on the EVGA boards (sorry, no link) that the voltage controller is extraordinary between the 2 cards so the \”FTW\” card will also be steady at better clock speeds but I can not affirm. Inside the EVGA Pricision X 16 software I set the \”power goal\” to 102%, the \”GPU Clock Offset\” to +116 Mhz and \”MEM Clock Offset\” to +385 Mhz at the same time leaving the voltage on my own. I ran Furmark for 20 minutes with out a problems. I have never spent much time taking part in round with values which are steady I do know that after I multiplied the GPU clock offset through 20 and MEM clock offset by way of 50 Furmark right away failed. As one would anticipate, your results may just very. Some customers posted that their cards would barely OC above +10 Mhz.

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GeForce 900 series family

A number of customers over on the EVGA forums recounted that their 970 FTW suffers from \”throttling issues\” (Google \”Modded BIOS to repair 970 FTW severe throttling disorders w/ link\”). TL;DR: Their card is not acting at it is top. I haven\’t run tests to see if my card in a similar way performs as recounted within the forum publish with \”extreme TDP throttling issues which explanations excess tearing, stutter and GPU utilization hicupping\” but i\’ll scan quickly if my \”Sensors\” (see fashioned posts connected pics at mentioned hyperlink) have any similarities. I\’m going to update this section later with my GPU BIOS info and testing outcome here quickly. Simply desired to make individuals mindful. Update 12/19/14: I set up MSI afterburner so I would see a GPU utilization graph and i will verify that my card does not undergo from this problem.

GeForce 900 series family

I can not believe what a performer this card is. The 970 is without difficulty an effective card for the money and i highly endorse that when you have a GTX 600 or prior card to upgrade to the 900s and you have the cash. It was very clean to play Watch puppies and Battlefield four on \”extremely\” settings performing incredibly well. With an ambient temperature of about 68F my card under no circumstances went above 71C even after one hour of gameplay. Note: i have my gaming hardware established in an all-metal 4U chassis; 3x120mm lovers up entrance, 3x120mm fanatics in the center and 2x120mm fans in the again so undoubtedly i will push air from entrance to again effectively thus helping \’cool\’ my card. Performance wise i am very impressed with this card and is a colossal soar upgrading from a GTX 680 SC.

Nonetheless, the coil whine and DVI-D feminine adapter it appears not working, even as no longer dealbreakers for me, does create so much disappointment. I have read that customers have returned their card for one or both of these causes and the situation went away. I\’m no longer equipped to phase with the card simply yet however may execute an RMA after couple of months or comfortably do a \”Step Up\”.

GeForce 900 series family Driver Download:

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