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Gaomon S620 Graphic Tablet Driver Download. Gaomon S620 is really a great product, compared to what is expected in the package there are improvements, the pen does not need to be charged and since the screen is no longer touch, there is no need for a glove and everything is more natural. there are spare tips. EXCELLENT technical assistance, I had a problem with the Mac they sent me directly an updated driver that is not even on the site, with all the step-by-step directions accompanied by images and it works very well.

An excellent product, exceeding expectations. After the purchase I was immediately contacted by the manufacturer who made themselves available for any problem that might arise. But not only did they give me a second pen to never stay out of battery. Excellent after sale service. Self-configuring drivers of extreme simplicity. Many accessories and well made. EXCELLENT and thanks to Miss ADA (from customer care) for her kindness and helpfulness.

Gaomon S620 Drivers Installation

I had long been looking for a graphics tablet with a screen that could be a good alternative to the more expensive and more performing brands. I must say that this product is definitely an excellent entry-level for those (like me) who want to enter the world of graphics tablets with a screen, but do not have the budget to afford top-of-the-range tablets.

The calibration is simple and intuitive (the only flaw is that it does not have the pen pressure curve, but only a slider that varies the pressure sensitivity, which still does its job in a decent way), even the calibration of the screen is easy to see. which has its own OSD. The use of cables is quite ergonomic, considering the fact that this type of tablet needs several cables in order to function: here this fact has been optimized using 2-in-1 cables. Not C\’ there is no delay in the stroke between the movement of the pen and the stroke of the drawing and the parallax effect is truly imperceptible (the screen is in fact laminated).

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Furthermore, the keys are easily programmable. The only flaw is that it remains a fairly large object, because it is true that the interactive part of the screen is 15.6″, but there are still several centimeters of distance between the interactive screen and the physical end of the tablet. So you may have problems carrying it. around, if needed. The accessories supplied are all very well made, even the stand is resistant and compact. I am very satisfied with the purchase.

I specify that for work I am a cartoonist for a well-known company and in the office I use a wacom cintiq 24 \”4k. I have decided to change the tablet for home and for my personal things. Since the time I dedicate to drawing at home is soon I decided to throw myself on a low price range and the choice fell on this Gaomon pd2200.

In the end the tablet proved to be a bomb, apart from the slight specification of the color due to the film that makes the surface similar to the paper, the rest works super well even for a much higher end product and the price is 5 times higher. Some things don\’t let me regret the wacom product at all. I had several problems with windows and photoshop updates, but fortunately also working with wacom I realized that exactly the same happened, with the difference that the Chinese staff always answered exhaustively to the emails, within a few hours, always solving the problems. I have been using it for more than six months now and it has never given a problem (apart from the windows updates, but it\’s not Gaomon’s fault). HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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Gaomon S620 Drivers Download

Mac OS Gaomon S620 Driver

Gaomon Tablet Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Windows Gaomon S620 Driver

Gaomon Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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