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Gaomon PD156 Pro Graphic Tablet Driver Download. I confirm the positive evaluation after a reasonable time of massive professional use. I don’t know if the policy allows me to write it but after exactly 30 years of Wacom-Photoshop I discovered the Gaomon22-ClipStudioPaint duo, I just hope they do 27 “or 32” to keep the palettes better.

Gaomon PD156 Pro Drivers

Little gem of ClipStudio the possibility to remove any slider, I can\’t stand them. I have been a professional illustrator for more than 40 years, in addition to traditional media I was already working with digital in 1984 and since 1991 I have had a Mac workstation complete with a Wacom tablet, so I can be credible in the judgments.

Forced to switch to Pen displays I got a used Wacom 13 pro, good, not great and too small for my taste. What to do? After days of reading reviews and comparing features, I stumbled upon the Gaomon that I felt was more playful than the competition. Wacom is overpriced and I discarded it as a choice. Let\’s try with the Chinese: I said to myself and I chose the Gaomon PD156 Pro and I did well. Materials: metal tripod, simple design, nice and light pen, glass with almost no parallax, with a nice grip.

Gaomon PD156 Pro Installation: With Mac in real time, privacy must be set. Usage: with Photoshop, little to say, no lag problem, pleasant and natural. The colors seem correct but this is a question that I have never understood, those who complain about colors, I have a palette that I have been carrying around for years and the colors are numerical percentages and only those count in print; I worked with 10 € monitors, some honestly obscene, but I knew that blue was correct even if it looked different. In any case, with the display they seem congruous to me. The opaque film is excellent both for the grip and for the intensity of light.

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Gaomon PD156 Pro Software Download

I can say that the comparison between the new Gaomon 22 at 399 € and a Wacom 13pro 8 paid for 250) that I see used at 300 €, there is no story, the Gaomon 10 at 7 wins and I am generous. An absolutely professional product, of which I appreciate everything and I admit the surprise, I did not believe. I hope someday they will turn out a 24 or 27, but only for the menus, the 22 is balanced for the image.

Gaomon PD156 Pro is recommended! Last but not least the assistance, not even the time to pay and they had already contacted me to reassure me of problems. Just so that this review is deemed true and truthful. I add after a few days of use. I repeat it is excellent, no defects, workflow improved in terms of time and quality. The tip wears out sooner than expected but the grip is really natural and the pencils wear out and need to be sharpened, to be picky they should be sorted immediately. It is not a defect, on the contrary. Happy drawing everyone!

Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver Download

Mac OS Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver

Gaomon PD156 Pro Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Windows Gaomon PD156 Pro Driver

Gaomon PD156 Pro Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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