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Gaomon M1220 Graphic Tablet Driver Download. I bought my Gaomon M1220 after many evaluations. For 10 years I wanted a graphic table with a screen. I drew digitally on graphic tables without a screen (Aiptek and then Wacomo Intuos pro M and L) and on mobile devices with stylus (S4 Note smartphone and tablet) and clearly I was craving for the immediacy of drawing on the screen and the power of my PC to shoot photoshop.

Gaomon M1220 Drivers

I saw the ad from Gaomon and I was blanched to see the price. I studied for 2 days all the possible reviews in Italian and English for comparison with other brands of similar price or a little higher, and in the end I chose Gaomon because it should have a better feeling of using the pen and a nice screen ( compared to XPpen), and has buttons and always a better pen (compared to HUION, with which he played until the last). Bought, arrived. Very good packaging.

The Gaomon M1220 materials seemed good to me: the board is sturdy, the stand is easy to assemble and sturdy, and it raises and lowers smoothly. I had never drawn on a board with an inclined stand and thought I would continue to draw flat, but it is really useful. In fact, I turn off the main screen and focus on the table. I had no problems arranging the cables on the desk: I ran them to the right, go under the table and from there to the PC and power. The EU transformer is included.

I immediately charged the pen by connecting it to the USB of the PC on and there I started \”grilling\” because I wanted to use it immediately but in theory I had to wait for it to be charged. It doesn\’t matter, I started drawing with the cable still attached. Finally after a few hours the led indicated the charge, and uncle pine I have been using it for a month and the battery has not yet run out. So the pen’s battery life is unknown but good. As suggested by others, I totally uninstalled the wacom drivers first of all, and rebooted the pc.

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Gaomon M1220 Software Download

Then I downloaded the latest version of the Gaomon M1220 driver from here or the Gaomon site and did the installation: no problem. At the time indicated by the program, connected the table and pressed the power button, start immediately. IMPORTANT tip: as said by others, immediately set the screen to DUPLICATE and not to EXTEND (which is set automatically). I assure you that it is a hundred times more comfortable this way. Then I immediately went to the pen calibration, but I must say that the automatic setting is fine, better than the calibrations I got manually (reading other reviews, I thought worse, but no).

I went there to adjust the light and color of the screen to match the PC screen. The screen menu is very rich, and allows a good calibration. Note that the word \”Auto\” engraved on the side of the table actually represents the important \”return\” function in the menu. Once this is understood, the rest goes smoothly. The setting of the 10 side buttons is very simple, using the gaomon program. Then I started drawing, and for the next 6 hours I stayed there.

I confirm that the screen does NOT get hot. It\’s important. The buttons are useful, and considering that it is comfortable to hold the table at an angle, at the end I hold the main hand to draw, the another planted on the side of the table and I use the buttons for the necessary menu items, rarely using the PC keyboard. The temporary screen cover that the board comes with is very good for drawing, but inside the box is a complete, new screen cover. It is difficult to apply like all screen covers in this world, so have it attached by someone capable and in a clean environment to avoid the classic bubbles.

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The parallax during the drawing is there but it is little and acceptable considering the price of this product. The overall feel of the pen is really good. You draw well. After a month, I can say that I think I have made a very good stuff.

Gaomon M1220 Driver Download

Gaomon M1220 Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon M1220 Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon M1220 Driver for Windows

Gaomon M1220 Windows Driver v14.8.174.1380 HID – Download

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