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Gaomon M10K Pro Driver Graphic Tablet Driver for Windows. Hi all guys, I’m here to review the new product I just purchased to replace an old and even more limited graphics tablet. This Gaomon M10K Pro immediately intrigued me for some of its essential features, which I was looking for for some time, a more professional graphics tablet than those on the market, more compliant with my current needs.

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver Download

Although the top brand products have left me a great experience, I really needed a graphics tablet that also had a built-in screen: however, the prices were, too high. I started to get a lot of information on Youtube and in general, to find a profitable product: it was difficult to choose! A friend of mine, a couple of weeks ago, recommended this to me. Initially I was a bit hesitant as the title of the product was translated a little badly and this did not entice me immediately. (editing the review after months, I notice that the title is shorter and more functional but not entirely satisfactory).

So I have read the features, let\’s see:

Gaomon M10K Pro Pros:

  • Rear screw compartment in gold (this means from a point of view functional view that the screws can be inserted and removed countless times without the risk of oxidizing the compartment. The same philosophy has been applied to many products such as usb and hdmi),
  • Gaomon M10K Pro is solid product (having a certain weight also gives you that certainty of having among the hands something not very fragile)
  • Great feeling between pen and screen, looks like paper (especially, especially if you install matte film),
  • High screen responsiveness to respond to inputs (colors, moving images do not flicker),
  • 8192 pen pressure levels (means a reproduction of your strength on the most accurate panel when you use the pen),
  • IPS FHD (the panel menu allows you to customize the tones if you prefer, as in TVs and PC monitors),
  • Supported viewing angle of 179 degrees and excellent tripod (the tripod convinced me a lot) ,
  • Very faithful colors,
  • Spare leads (I would dare to say in modest quantities hidden in a workmanlike manner in the however little functional base of the pen, too light),
  • Quality screwdriver (It was not taken for granted that they gave the screwdriver and even if it was, it is really branded),
  • 10 configurable keys (commonly expressed key)
  • Glove including
  • Multi sockets (useful, if you do not live in Italy)
  • Very clear user manual
  • Excellent ratio quality / price (-400: 369euro)
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Gaomon M10K Pro Cons:

  • Gaomon M10K Pro driver has a software that is too thin (in terms of design it does not leave the feeling of a satisfactory product, and often it is necessary to reinstall the drivers to recognize the tablet, setting start all the keys again),
  • The pen discharges without warning (maybe a red led would have been useful?),
  • Slightly inaccurate screen adjustment with pen (luckily there is the pointer that makes the problem less evident),
  • 6-bit panel with less color gradation (counting compared to 8-bit, they are 2bit less gradation for each color),
  • Slightly heats up (after hours of use, certainly not after a few minutes),
  • The Menu dedicated to the configuration of the Panel only as a Monitor is
  • Difficult to navigate due to the slightly intuitive FORWARD and BACK buttons, Film not easy to put on (2 tabs), which however I have to say it gives a rough feel between pen and screen, which is great,
  • It does not have an audio output. In itself it is not a real flaw, but the DRIVERS, if they were programmed ad hoc they should have worked around
  • the problem, automatically giving the audio output to the speakers of the pc and not to the Gaomon. So instead I was forced to set the
  • The default audio coming from the pc and honestly it was annoying to do it manually.

Gaomon M10K Pro Software Download

Personally, I say it has incredible accuracy with a screen. Remember that you will not have the power to draw better in general. But remember that on the 370 euro I do not think you will find a product that gives you the required Comfort, Precision. Having a 15.6 “screen allows you a more engaging experience than maybe a smaller one.

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I use it not only to draw, but also to watch videos, books, because it is a good panel, plus it has a stable easel! After months of use? I still consider it a Graphic Table to recommend even to professionals. It gives its best on a fixed location and gives its best with a program suitable for drawing! (Certainly not Paint).

Although I do not attend the academy of fine arts, I continue to draw for passion and this little gem gives a lot and I continue to draw to express its full potential: mine and of this product! This does not mean that with a cheap tablet you cannot get professional drawings and after starting with the cheap ones, becoming better and better I wanted to invest my growth as a digital designer better. I enclose the first drawing made on the Gaomon and take it as the result of my current capabilities, expressed, by this product.

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver Download (Software)

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver for MAC OS

Gaomon M10K Pro Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Gaomon M10K Pro Driver for Windows

Gaomon M10K Pro Windows Driver v14.8.133.1259 – Download

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