Download Driver Gaomon M106K

Gaomon M106K Graphic Tablet Driver Download. I had previously tried a very expensive XPen tablet, for 500 euros, with a screen and everything. I had to return it because it had an enormous input lag, as well as the loose pen tip, which hits the tablet hard because it is not spring-loaded is. At first I wanted to buy it for notes, and in the future for drawings. But it wasn\’t even good enough for writing.

Gaomon M106K Driver Download

Now I have the Gaomon M106K, and after 5 minutes of use, I\’m already an absolute fan of the device. A few points that are important to me:

  • Relatively smooth surface (not like the entry-level Wacom, which I also had, and which was unbearably scratchy). About as smooth as wrapping paper.
  • No delay between tablet and PC, which is simply necessary for fluent drawing.
  • -Spring-loaded pen tip !! It just feels great to come up with the pen tip on the tablet. I had a Wacom, the expensive XPen and an old Android Galaxy Note pen tip, and that was unbearable! The Gaomon pen, on the other hand, is great!
  • Pen has a battery.
  • The size is ideal. It fits on any desk, but isn\’t too small either.

There are also a bunch of keys that I haven\’t tried yet. But the other customers seem to be very positive about this. The only thing missing is of course the built-in screen, but after a little practice I don\’t think that\’s a problem anymore. I\’ve rarely been so fascinated with a product. Who was really thinking when they put this on the market.

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Gaomon M106K Software Download

There is now a mouse mode that even works in Windows 7. I used to have a Wacom, but this one from Gaomon M106K is twice the size and a little thinner. In addition, the Gaomon tablet comes with many buttons that I urgently need. I don\’t do anything with graphics, but audio productions in Cubase, etc. Since I had pain in my right shoulder from using the mouse for a long time, I switched to the tablet. Here I find the hand movement much more ergonomic. Just like in school.

At first I had problems getting the tablet to work. Because my audio PC is an offline PC without a network card, I also deactivated many services in Windows. Also the service for the tablet. But when I set it to automatic and started it, the tablet and the pen also worked perfectly. I also had multiple contacts with the support, which is extremely exemplary. Suggestions for improvement were also accepted. Very good.

My second attempt with a graphics tablet in connection with Photoshop turned out to be a complete success after initial skepticism. The skepticism is based on the previous purchase of the Huion H610 Pro, which ran perfectly with Windows 10, but led to severe dropouts under Photoshop. Work was not possible. After 2 days of tinkering, it went back again.

The GAOMON M106K is completely different. Unpacked, connected, driver installed as admin ready. In fact, a text file only had to be added to the Photoshop folder without any problems (regarding pen pressure). Problem-free, as it was described very well on the manufacturer\’s website. In my opinion, a top device for the price. Workmanship is good, I am also satisfied with the pen. Fits comfortably in your hand. All in all, a good Gaomon M106K and I\’m satisfied.

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Gaomon M106K Driver Download

Mac OS Gaomon M106K Driver

Gaomon M106K Mac Driver v14.5.0.20201121 – Download

Windows Gaomon M106K Driver

Gaomon M106K Windows Driver v14.8.115.1177 – Download

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