Download Driver Edimax EW-7811DAC

Edimax EW-7811DAC Driver Download. The dual Band USB Adapter AC600. The next-generation wireless 802.11ac standard has been set to revolutionize Wi-Fi. The superfast dual-band 802.11ac routers are already available, but still wireless devices with 802.11n. Update your wireless device to a dual-band 802.11ac USB 2.0 connectivity and you have a Wi-Fi breakneck speed and without interference in the frequency band of 5 GHz. The EW-7811DAC comes with a high-gain directional antenna, dual-band and high performance. This antenna can greatly increase the effective wireless operation range of wireless devices 802.11ac / a / b / g / n.

USB Wireless Edimax EW-7811DAC Driver Download

The Edimax EW-7811DAC is the Wi-Fi adapter supports next-generation 802.11ac draft the standard and provides speeds up to 433 Mbps at 5 GHz, nearly triple the speed of 802.11n. Update PCs and laptops to high speed Wi-Fi 802.11ac and enjoy video streaming and data. Enjoy better performance and more flexibility in their Wi-Fi devices using the dual-band connectivity. The EW-7811DAC adapter provides connectivity for the 2.4 GHz band at speeds of 150 Mbps or 5-GHz range at speeds of 433 Mbps. You can surf the Internet and check the mail in the 2.4 GHz band or select band of 5 GHz for online gaming and video streaming continuously.
Edimax EW-7811DAC Driver Download
Download Driver Edimax EW-7811DAC
Driver Edimax EW-7811DAC Download
Directional high gain antenna 5 dBi / 7 dBi. The high-gain directional antenna EW-7811UAC 5 dBi (2.4 GHz) and 7 dBi (5 GHz) provides high performance and long distance connections for your wireless network. USB support for better wireless signal. The EW-7811DAC comes with a free USB support having an adjustable to 180 degrees for a better wireless signal antenna and a USB cable 1.2 meters for flexible placement. Fine adjustment of the antenna position for maximum performance without additional costs.
Driver Download Edimax EW-7811DAC USB Adapter
Download and streaming from anywhere. Use the adapter EW-7811DAC downloads and streaming media from YouTube, Netflix or other services without waiting buffer or streaming media on your network from a NAS (Network Attached Storage) at the speed of light. Transmission streaming or downloading HD movies is faster and more reliable than ever with the Wi-Fi 802.11ac.
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