Download Driver Dierya DK63

Dierya DK63 Keyboard Driver Download. Excellent mechanical keyboard, also excellent build quality, to reduce the noise I recommend you buy 4mm o-rings. After 1 month I realized that this keyboard actually uses OPTICAL switches, i.e. the impulse is not generated by the closure of the contacts inside the switches (I realized it thanks to the absence of the 2 pins under the switches), but the key opens an optical contact on the keyboard. Nevertheless this \”technology\” from what I have read is better, it has half the lag-input and besides the feedback remains unchanged like the classic mechanics.

Dierya DK63 Mechanical Keyboard Drivers

Dierya DK63 keyboards 60%, good materials and sturdy for the price I paid for it, I would say that a very respectable keyboard is excellent in my opinion, especially for those who like this kind of keyboard, with very few essential keys, socket for gaming use. RGB effects are beautiful and many options.

The only flaw perhaps? The blue switches are very loud. If you prefer something quieter I would say red or brown switches. The keyboard after a week of 24 hours a day use shows no signs of collapse, on the contrary the structure is very resistant and sturdy.

The layout is American International (from windows it will be sufficient to simply set the layout US INTL or in Italian American INT), being a keyboard 60% the numeric keypad is missing and to use the arrows you must use the fn key at the same time as the arrow key, as they are put into second function.

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Dierya DK63 Drivers

It is always possible through software to reprogram the function of any key and to set up macros, we can also customize the RGB LED of the keyboard also adjustable by means of the FN key. Overall it is an excellent product even cheap would be perfection.

Windows Dierya DK63 Software Download

Dierya DK63 – 5 (which before \”Z\” in SN Number), as 63BA050205Z04600 Version 2 – Download

Dierya DK63 – 1 (which before \”Z\” in SN Number), as 63BA030101Z04200 Version 1 – Download

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