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Dell P513W Driver Download. When MFP Dell P315w is outside top Dell. Inside can be found but the technique of Lexmark. However, in an interesting variation, as the test revealed. Although the logo is emblazoned on the Dell P513w, the multifunction machine is originally from the forge of Lexmark. Nevertheless, the Dell P513w is not completely identical to the Lexmark combo devices. The difference lies in the ink: So familiar Lexmark now mostly on separate ink tanks, while Dell blue, red and yellow combined in this model in a color cartridge. The black ink is housed in a separate cartridge. As with the Lexmark station wagon, the printhead is separated from the cartridges and the Dell P513w.
Dell P513W Printer Driver Download
Consumption: Even with cartridges with high range Dell P513w comes to high side prices – more precisely, 6.5 cents for the scharzweiße and 10 cents for the colored sheet. Deductions were simultaneously due to the measurement in power consumption: Despite actuated off the Dell P513w went in the test not less than 0.3 Watt – an unnecessary waste of energy.
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Quality: In the test the strength of the Dell P513w was in the printing of text and graphics in greyscale. Here certain black cover and fine details such as the line drawing. In the Color Mode on plain paper, the MFP to perform well. However, the Dell P513w criticism has to put up the photo printing: For difficult colors such as skin tones were not truly natural. In scanning the multifunction device reached average results. This was mainly due to the rapidly declining depth of focus and the visible red tint of the scans. By contrast, the Dell model both color and black and white copies mastered properly. Speed: In the test the Dell P513w the tasks worked on in an acceptable pace. A hurry it had the multifunction device not showing how printed about 1:05 minutes for ten pages of text or 36 seconds for a color copy.

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Download Printer Driver Dell P513W
Facilities: The Dell P513w prints, scans and copies. It comes with a duplex unit, which could be key to activate not only by the printer driver, but also directly on the control panel on the \”Eco\”. So the MFP not only printing, but also copying on both sides of a sheet automatically controlled in the test. However, the duplex printing on Windows 7 did not succeed as he worked without any problems under Windows Vista. While the Windows drivers are included on the CD supplied to Mac and Linux users will need to download the drivers from the Dell Welbseite Extra. Besides the Dell P513w via USB can also be controlled wirelessly via WLAN. The built module supports WiFi 802.11n with the latest standard. The preview screen makes it easier to work without a PC, which is possible via Pictbridge USB and memory card slots. Drawback: A slot for Compact Flash cards is missing.

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