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Dell C1660w Driver Download. \”User-friendly, affordable and with wireless convenience\” – so priced Dell to the LED color printer C1660w. In our test, we met the C1660w as cheap all-round printer for the home office, although with Spartan equipment, but good printing performance and ease of use. We measured its performance on two comparable models: the Brother HL-3140CW and the Samsung Xpress C410W.
Dell C1660w Printer Driver Download
The C1660w Dell is not a high-end printer, yet he could test us in the quality of its prints quite convincing – albeit with small drawbacks. For instance, the text printing is not absolutely satisfactory, especially in smaller fonts, the text looks slightly washed out, and also the reproduction of blacks is not perfect: here we would have been desired especially for graphics and photos, a richer, deeper black reproduction. Comparable Brother HL-3140CW has in terms of text pressure us more to convince than the Dell, and Samsung Xpress C410W has not only better texts printed, but also brought graphics better on paper. After all, but prints the Dell – an LED printer -to sharply in the peripheral areas of the paper.

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Download Driver Dell C1660w
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The printer according to our measurements a power consumption of about 200 watts in operation and 20 watts in standby mode. Practical: after 3 hours of inactivity, the Dell automatically enters a deep sleep mode to save power – consumption is then only around 1 watt. Anyone who wants to, but the Dell can also take over a switch completely from the mains.
Download Driver Printer Dell C1660w
The Dell C1660w is a solid processed printer that does not only look good in the home office, but also handles all the tasks entrusted to decent and reliable. In particular, the easy installation and ease of use in favor of the Dell printer. Smears must, however, be made in the print quality: here we could the C1660w mainly black when printing is not completely convincing, also the cost of monochrome and color printing are comparable to the average printer. Above all, the Dell printers in the test showed a lame duck: other devices, such as we tested Brother HL-3140CW, Print with up to four times the normal speed. So the C1660w suitable especially for anyone who wants to only occasionally print documents in color or black and white, for printing large amounts to the use in the office is good for the Dell but very limited. For this we would other models, such as the Brother HL-3140CW and the Samsung Xpress C410W recommended as both printers texts not only faster, but also cheaper on paper than bring the device from Dell.
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