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Dell B1165NFW Driver Download. First of all I would like to say that I have a \”big\” printers. So an all-in-one. Unfortunately, the given up his wireless Spirit after about 1.5 years. Since I now only on the laptop (which is located in the living room or kitchen) working, but the printer is in the office, WLAN is an absolute must. I simply had no more desire, the documents which I have worked on a laptop via USB or other data transfer, to send to the host computer, that I can then print at the office. Since everything else works, I thought to myself that a small printer – so \”a portable\” but enough.
Dell B1165NFW Printer Driver Download
In our research and price comparisons, my husband has encountered the \”little ones\” here. Well, after reading the reviews – also had the Negative read, I thought, but the fits. If not, he just goes back. Why are there per Exchange Policy Distance Selling. I am very glad that I bought the Dell. The software was installed in no time. First of all cross-read the manual, DVD purely followed the instructions and immediately and printing worked. Then supplied Did my husband and our \”hosts\” the laptop with the software and the printer connected via WLAN. Again, the printer recognizes the PC or vice versa – zero problems.
Dell B1165NFW Software Driver Download
Dell B1165NFW Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Dell B1165NFW
Press cable into the wall socket and set to On, once it is connected to the laptop. Even printing via the Print option of the laptop is working properly. If you do not print for a while, it turns into sleep mode. Once you click on the laptop to print, the printer comes on again. What more do you want? The printer is small and handy. Fits in the small closet, if he – is not standing around open – as in my case. He is also very light and well built with two handles. Actually, just stand up and open. The printer is now always where it is needed. Even on the balcony or in the garden! Real practical. Thus, I can save myself the constant up to fetch the document.
Download Driver Printer Dell B1165NFW
The printer is, in my opinion, no louder than other printers also. And smelled it has only the first five leaves. Leaves are not wavy come out, such as the described one way or another, but exactly as it should be. The sheet feeder works properly. The printed image is full and clear. Must say that I – if at all – perhaps 100 per month – prints 200 sheets. I do not colored prints. In this respect, it is sufficient that the Dell prints only in black / white. Whether it is suitable for operation, will be printed in the lot, I can not judge. For the \”normal use\” it is definitely suitable. All in all I would recommend this printer very. For my purposes, it was a good decision to take Dell.
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