Download Driver Dell 1355CNW

Dell 1355CNW Driver Download. This printer is rather more than I anticipated. The network operation wifi or ethernet makes it very quality. Which you could additionally connect to it straight with USB, but i have not stricken with or tried that. First, the caveats. There are distinct drivers for printing on windows and Mac OS X. Scanning program is offered for windows best. Linux on the factor of this writing, at the least, can neither print to nor scan from this all-in-one instantly. I use all three running methods within my home. This is how I have it working from each OS.

Dell 1355CNW Printer Driver Download

As for Linux, I\’ve been unable to seek out any CUPS drivers that work. I found a put-up that acknowledged it uses the same drivers as the Xerox Phaser 600B, however, I couldn\’t get these to work. For that reason, my Linux machines use the printer via OS X. On the Mac, I\’ve shared the printer with the community. Linux CUPS can keep in touch directly with this Postscript digital printer and print. I observe that this type of setup does no longer work as simply with windows sharing the printer.

Dell 1355CNW Software & Drivers Download

Dell 1355CNW Driver Download
Download Printer Driver Dell 1355CNW for Window and Mac
At the same time there is program integrated for scanning on windows, I don\’t even hassle with it. This printer helps scanning straight to an SMB share or to an FTP server. That means i will be able to create an SMB share on windows, OS X, and Linux, On the scanner, I can manually decide upon the scan exceptional and which pc will have to obtain the scan. The scanner will scan to a PDF file or TIFF or JPEG and deposit in the SMB share I chosen. It can be fine. It\’s convenient.
And it requires nothing proprietary anywhere. The complex part is environment this up. You do it through including entries to the handle e-book via the printer\’s web interface which is conveniently available via pointing your browser to your printer\’s IP deal with. The net interface definitely lets you exchange a variety of settings. There is a number of vigor in there and it\’s an abruptly great shock. You do not want any of the software they incorporate. You are able to do the whole thing and extra from this internet interface.

Download Driver Printer Dell 1355CNW

Now, I don\’t worry about that anymore. This factor, like any lasers, makes use of toner. Toner does not evaporate. It would not have some unbelievably long cleaning cycle. It does take about 30 seconds to vigour up from deep sleep, but that is light years ahead of my inkjet experience and a long way, a long way less frustrating. And that is the case whether or not it is been 1 day or 1 month seeing that the final print. So overall, the only factor that disappoints me about this printer is its lack of Linux printing aid. However I knew that once I purchased it, and at least, so long as I own a Mac OS X, and printing from Linux is also possible.
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