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CPUZ Download Version 1.74 available
CPU-Z processor detects all details – from the product names on the stepping and the core voltage to the supported instruction sets. Also on the motherboard and memory do CPU-Z communication and is in the test everyday so irreplaceable. Later, a new tab was added, which also provides on chip graphics cards the most important information. This small software tool of the Frenchman Franck Delattre we offered free of charge since the year 2000th Meanwhile, over 60 versions were released.
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Some time ago, Asus ROG edition was added, which is based on Hauptprogamm and scored donated a matching skin. It was supplemented by a Gigabyte G1-Edition and a so-called OC Edition, which is based on Gigabyte\’s OC motherboards. Real OC capabilities one seeks but in vain software. This also applies to the variant with the addition of Asrock OC. CPU-Z is a pure selection tool for CPU, cache, motherboard, memory, timing and the main graphics card information. The software was supplemented in their Entwicklunsgezeit with smaller tools and the validation process.

Changelog: CPUZ 1.74

Improved CPU Benchmark 
AMD APUs Carrizo 
eDRAM detection on Slylake CPUs 
Skylake logos
CPU-Z Download Driver:

CPUZ 1.74 (Windows, 32/64 Bit, Setup)
CPUZ 1.74 (Windows, 32/64 Bit, Zip)

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