Download Driver CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW

CompraWifi-GOLD Driver Download. Do not reach your WiFi signal the most unlikely corner? Perhaps comes with cuts? Or can you to have doubts about the safety of your network? Whatever the problem, CompraWifi distributes CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW, a WiFi adapter to meet the daily needs of any user of wireless networks.
GOLD CompraWifi The series is characterized by its wide variety of adapters, good quality/price, performance and allowing audit our WiFi network or those in which we permit a simple way. We started with a small downside, the truth is that externally the box containing the CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW leaves a bit to be desired, seeming to be a lot WiFi adapter. At the back we can see the full specifications of the product.

CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW Driver

In terms of content, the open we find the WiFi adapter, antenna with RP-SMA of 5 dBi, a double USB cable to mini-USB and the installation disk with drivers for Windows, Linux and MacOS, plus manual e. Comment on the upper surface of GOLD USB 1000mW is protected with a plastic bumper to avoid scratches, which is a nice touch. Given the slightest weight of the device surely come rubberized feet better, but I must say that is extremely stable in any position of the antenna.

In addition, it can be oriented circularly 360 and a vertical angle of 90, 135 or 180, which despite being omnidirectional, allows greater flexibility. As a detail, superior blue LED showing device activity. Finally, for optimal performance requires 2 USB ports with a fork cable. This is to provide more power to the adapter, though no doubt some will take the hands to the head if they have few USB. The solution? You can also connect one of the two, from which extend both cables, although performance will be slightly affected.

CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW Driver Download
Download Driver CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW
Great knowledge is needed to hone our CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW. To begin, we just screw the antenna to the device and connect the cable to the mini-USB port. Finally, we need only connect the USB to the computer. Once connected, Windows will ask from where we need to install the drivers, canceled, and enter the disc. Once started the installation menu, click on \”Driver Installation\” and follow the steps. This will install the drivers and the \”REALTEK RTL8187 Wireless LAN Utility\”, a program that will guide us in the configuration steps in our network.
We also tried the WiFi adapter on Linux (Wifislax 3.1) and automatically recognized when connected without doing anything. The CompraWifi-GOLD USB 1000mW adapter has done a great job in many ways. With its chipset Realtek RTL8187L and his power have seen a big difference when compared to other similar devices.
The only thing that would improve would be the embajale, which is not at the level of the product. But having the account profitability, and that CompraWifi is available for € 45.90, less than other products in its price category, from TDH give 5 stars.As a plus, allows auditing WiFi networks to check their safety, achieving a good packet injection rate in tests with Wifislax 3.1. Also note that we have not had any problems with installation and commissioning, both Linux and Windows. In short, ideal for both novice users and experts.
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