Download Driver Brother MFC-1905

Brother MFC-1905 Driver Download. Since I have only experience with inkjet printers, I was curious about this here. It is very fast controlled by the PC, the print is clean and fast. How long the supplied toner holds I can not say, but am now about 150 pages. Only what is disturbing is actually the unlit display in the dark cellar. I run this Brother MFC-1905 printer under Win 10 problem-free. For the \”home office\” (side job) of my parents it should be a small multifunction device. Consciously I chose one with laser technology, since inkjet devices in the past have already dried and glued (used too rarely) a few times. No value was given to color or special paper formats. It was important to me that the device can print, copy and occasionally send or receive a fax.
Brother MFC-1905 Printer Driver Download
All this can be the device, and even pretty good. The (unfortunately open, so no drawer!) Paper drawer sums up a large quantity of paper and draws it cleanly and problem-free. The Brother MFC-1905 printing quality is perfect, sharp and contrasting with a rich black tone. Even copies are flawlessly sharp and full in my opinion, they do not need to hide from most copy shops. The fully-expandable cover also makes it easier to fit thicker books as a template, and with the reliable, automatic feed-in mechanism, copying larger paper piles is even more fun.
Brother MFC-1905 Software Driver Download
Brother MFC-1905 Driver Download

Download Printer Driver Brother MFC-1905
The maintenance costs are low. An original toner cartridge for about 1000 pages costs just 40 euros, which makes less than 4 cents per page. If one counts a cent for the paper and another cent for the wear of the machine, it\’s just 6 cents per page. WLAN has the device also installed, ie one can print wirelessly in the home network. I do not use that, because the only PC of my parents is directly connected via USB to this Brother MFC-1905 printer. If I absolutely want to complain, I think of two things. Firstly, the poorly readable, small and low contrast display, which is not particularly comfortable with more extensive fax operations.
Download Driver Printer Brother MFC-1905
And second, the open paper cassette. On the article pictures one might think that the printer has a closed paper drawer \”in the belly\”. This is not so; The article pictures show the printer packed and not ready for use. To use it, you have to unfold the paper feed and then the paper is about halfway down and is above all open and unprotected.I do not find this both, however, and therefore there are on my side completely deserved five stars and a very clear recommendation for everyone, who is looking for a reliable printer with b / w printing and faxing at home.
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