Download Driver AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N

AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N Driver Download. The stick works with me with Windows 8.1 and a Fritz! Box perfect, stable and with maximum speed which my line gives. I also like the look and processing. The software I do not use, therefore, can not say anything. Pleasing was that in addition to the stick still a USB stand was attached, so that the stick can be placed on the desk, if one uses it eg on a desktop PC. Property of it times a photo attached. Unfortunately, I have to correct my good rating and only a few days after purchase, the performance has deteriorated very much.
AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N USB Driver Download
Despite routers in the same room (a few meters away) breaks the connection between several times and the transmission speed is very bad. I ordered I had a stick \”N\”? (Dual-band 2.4 / 5 GHz) knowing that I\’m taking the risk that I have to send back the stick if there is a copy with the label \”N v2 B\”. Small criticism on the edge. Rarely is a really accurate description or a chip set. Because Linux is not interested what it is, but only what is in it. \”Atheros, Ralink, Broadcom\” etc., To my knowledge out of the box work the sticks with the designation \”N\” (I, but is slow) \”N v2\” and \”N v2 A\”.
AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N USB Wireless Driver
AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N Driver Download

Download USB Driver AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N
This stick is about three times as fast as my predecessor USB stick from AVM. I am not a Linux specialist, but have been using various \”Linux distributions\” for years. Sure, you can sometimes use a \”window driver\”. And some of them can even compile a driver themselves. And who wants that can really learn from it! Conclusion: But seriously! Why complicated if it is easier. And this part also works on Linux. Plug in and get started!
Download Driver USB AVM FRITZ! WLAN Stick N
The energy consumption of the stick (and therefore the power) can be adjusted via the PC via the systray. A display will tell you whether the connection is optimal or weak. The same display is used when the test mode is activated. During this mode, small data packets are continually exchanged between the stick and the box so that you can see where the connection is better by moving the two devices. Especially on longer distances (or very unfavorable walls) this can be very helpful.
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