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Avision FB6280E Driver Download. The friendly customer service is already worth 5 points! Who else does this today? Accessible by telephone, competent advice and problem solution immediately by telephone, unlimited length! The Avision FB6280E scanner can fast scans in high quality and in various formats, Multiscan (PDF and Tiff),. Only the software is a lot of habit needed. You have to deal with this for a while to reach the maximum result. My experiences are limited to PC under Windows 7 prof. Up to 10 prof. The Mac OS community obviously has problems with the scanner or the included software, but that is not unusual. Mac OS X compatibility is a fairy tale. Only about the service I received a driver, which then worked only very gapsfully.
Avision FB6280E Scanner Driver Download
Thus, for example, a direct operation via the buttons of the scanner is not possible, so how should a customer hold an A3 book on the edge and then scan it? Scan start only works on the PC. All the included software can not be installed, it also does not work with the MAC OS X driver. And who is looking for the MAC driver, will not find it and goes only over the service point. No download possible. The only alternative is the acquisition of a third-party software for about 100 euros. Without instructions, without support.
Avision FB6280E Software Driver Download
Avision FB6280E Driver Download

Download Scanner Driver Avision FB6280E
In theory there is an automatic move-in, which is useful. Nowhere is however a reference, where this is to be purchased. I also succeeded after many telephone calls directly via Avision. Overall friendly and tried and tested support at Avision. And because the scanner itself works, there are two stars. The rest for the price and the goal unpleasant. What is the purpose of a scanner without moving in and without MAC compatibility to market, both properties but also still prominently highlighted as features in the text?
Download Driver Scanner Avision FB6280E
The Avision FB6280E is the perfect choice for scanning A3 originals and especially for scanning large-format books. The FB6280e needs less than 4.5 seconds to scan A3 pages. With the innovative scanner surface with the patented book edge that allows the scan to start at just 2 mm, the user can scan the entire contents of a book without getting dark and blurred areas between opposite sides.
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