Download Driver Asus USB-N53 B1 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB

Asus N53 Driver Download. The ASUS USB-N53 is a USB adapter with Dual-Band functionality for streaming without delays and superior network performance. The antenna design optimizes wireless coverage flexible cable and adjusts the position of the adapter for superior reception. It also has a user interface that facilitates an intuitive installation. All these features make it an ideal home router and when you find out. The driver for the Asus N53 USB WLAN stick I have drawn directly from the Asus site, to prevent outdated drivers from the supplied CD.

Asus USB-N53 Wireless Driver Download

The drivers must be installed before the Asus Stick infects, otherwise the Asus stick of Windows does not recognize, or even remain off first. In order to successfully perform the test, it is absolutely essential in the router\’s SSID name (that\’s the name of your intuitive router) to assign different. The meaning of the name should not be the same as in 5GHz mode in 2.4GHz mode. Short Digression for laymen.
Usually it has been so that all Wlan router always had only one name or designation. If you have searched for its routers via wifi, only one name was always displayed. With dual-band Wlanroutern there are two names, although it has only one device. Why is that? The explanation is pretty simple. All Dual Wlangeräte always have two antennas, but cover different frequencies. In this case, once the 2.4GHz and 5GHz. Are you now two frequencies have the same name one does not know whether one is logged in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz mode. Therefore absolutely different names for both modes awarded 😉
Asus USB-N53 Software Download
Download Driver Asus USB-N53 B1 N600 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB
Download Wireless Driver Asus USB-N53
For all lay an important clue. When you insert the CD and presses on the first point to install the drivers, you will be asked in English if you want to install Driver and Utilities or ONLY DRIVERS. For laymen I absolutely recommend to select the option ONLY DRIVERS. The reason is as follows. In Utilities additional software will be installed, which will help you set up its WLAN router. That would be okay, if the thing would require no expert knowledge. After all, unlike on Windows itself, where you just click only on the router and typing the password and is already connected, you will be asked for the software from Asus same even after the carrier wave, the bit rate, etc. encryption. Once you because what chooses wrong, you get already not more in his router. For art Inspire provides this as not an obstacle, but for all who like it simple, you do yourselves a favor to let the utility software right away.
Download Driver Wireless Asus USB-N53
Good transmission power. Between 216, 243 or even 300Mbit times. This is very strange. How can it be that at the same distance as the 2.4GHz mode provides full power while the 5GHz this can not bewerktstelligen. Since both the router and the Wlanstick from Asus and Wlanstick even advertises an ideal support for the Asus RT-N56U Router N600, I have to find an amazing way that the conditions are far from ideal. To rescue the 5GHz mode I must however admit that the connection is very stable despite only transmit power or no discontinuations has. Nevertheless, this is very surprising, because it has introduced the 5GHz mode. On the grounds, firstly, that it was less susceptible to interference and secondly by also less gets in the way with other routers, as they do not occupy the same channel Throughout the house, I am even the first to use the 5GHz mode, so no other router could interfere!
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