Download Driver Asus USB-N10 Nano N150 Wi-Fi USB

Asus USB-N10 Driver Download. The WLAN stick is compatible with Raspberry Pi. He was taken by me on the operating systems and RaspBMC Raspbian running. Have the Nano Stick purchased for my laptop, the internal WLAN in Laptop just read not activate after I went to the driver the internal wireless until I rebooted (Asus Laptop) went there again not, a solution had to be found, a not far protrudes from the laptop, and since this is nanoStick the best solution, installation went easily, unfortunately you have to the connecting tool with install, only drivers is not possible then there is no Wifi, with the tool (you can go to the link Close ) So not quite so tragic. The tool itself is very easy to set up and clear.

Asus USB-N10 Wireless Driver Download

Since the WLAN at Latop probably seems to make problems when people for whatever reason, the drive is a small and inexpensive alternative that less is not more up to 1 USB Port disturbing, even with 2 USB ports side by side is the 2nd port used what at the large WLAN sticks does not really work. Unfortunately, the cable connecting the WLAN module and logic board is an old Macbook Pro 2008.1 (So at the Apple motherboards hot) so disposed of the last of dust, that I could with my tool not solder again without the board. Since this Mini Stick is a cheaper solution than a repair.
Asus USB-N10 Software Download
Download Driver Asus USB-N10 Nano N150 Wi-Fi USB
Download USB Wireless Driver Asus USB-N10
Advertising for the embroidery, among other things synonymous with the slogan \”Linux\” what can users of the operating system of the same name listen up, because there is so much choice here. Unfortunately, these Linux support is obsolete, are supported by the driver on the manufacturer\’s website to 3.10 kernel, so no current versions. So is this drive for me Kubuntu 14:04 unusable.
For Windows users, he may work, in my case, but I can not give a positive review.
Download Driver Asus USB-N10 WLAN
Everything works Top, better than the built-in WLAN chip which made problems again and again. The installation is very easy. Recommended 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 Only. The stick should in bad reception of the built-in notebook WLAN module offer an alternative – and this has actually – even if only minimal (1 stroke / signal strength). Installation without problems, fast delivery – clear recommendation! The range is not outstanding but in a 3 room apartment entirely sufficient. Super small. Can you always be stuck. Good.
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