Download Driver Asus USB-AC56 Wireless Adapter

Asus USB-AC56 Driver Download. Asus has been trouncing the opposition as for remote switches, and now it has the speediest 802.11ac Wi-Fi connector, as well. The USB-AC56 is an extravagant fallen angel, with the same gleaming dark jewel plate composition that Asus switches have. What\’s more, the USB-AC56 brags a fastened USB stand as well as a larger than usual, pivoted, separable reception apparatus that I thought would give the connector a noteworthy edge at longer separations. Envision my astonishment when it didn\’t.

Asus USB-AC56 Wireless Adapter Driver Download

Like the vast majority of the connectors in our most recent gathering, the USB-AC56 has a WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) catch, so you can associate it to your switch without needing to recall the switch\’s secret word. This was the main connector I took a gander at that had a USB 3.0 interface, and it conveyed the quickest throughput when the customer was near the switch, coming to 404 megabits for every second when the customer was in the room, 9 feet from the switch. The second-put finisher—Netgear\’s A6200—was 23 percent slower, accomplishing TCP throughput of 310 mbps.
Asus USB-AC56 Driver And Software Download
Download Driver Asus USB-AC56 Wireless Adapter
Download Driver USB Wireless Adapter Asus AC56 
The Asus USB-AC56 has inner recieving wires, as well, so you can leave the top that covers the string mount in the event that you would prefer not to utilize the long radio wire. The Asus connector turned out to be the speediest of the test bunch when the customer was in the kitchen, as well. With the customer and switch 20 feet separated, the USB-AC56 accomplished TCP throughput of 347 mbps. Netgear\’s A6200 was the second-speediest connector at this spot—truth be told, it was somewhat speedier here than it was in the room, however the distinction was under 1 percent.
Download Driver Wireless Asus USB-AC56
Given the measure of the USB-AC56\’s radio wire, on the other hand, I was shocked to see it land in fifth spot when the customer was inside the twofold thick dividers of my home theater. Furthermore, it completed fourth when the customer was in my home office, 65 feet from the switch. Be that as it may, with information rates of 163 mbps and 213 mbps on those individual tests, the Asus connector ought to have no issue spilling high-def video to any area inside the run of the mill house. The USB-AC56 is a touch awkward, whether you utilize its outside radio wire or not (it additionally has an interior reception apparatus, so the outer one is not a flat out prerequisite). Without the radio wire, the connector will jut around 3.875 inches from your PC\’s USB port. Evacuate the top securing the strung recieving wire association and join the radio wire, and that length reaches out to about 4.5 inches.
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