Download Driver Asus USB-AC55 AC1300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB

Asus AC55 Driver Download. Wireless USB adapter is perfect for desktop computers requiring high speed connection. This model brings a comfortable support asus usb if you can not put the stick length. Connect directly by the router with the maximum signal despite the distance and obstructions (walls and doors) unlike other adapters I\’ve tried cheaper and small or auxiliary antennas needed to achieve it. the device comes with a CD with the program management, which although it is very easy to handle, has a not very elaborate to be a great brand as asus graphical interface, but is not important. Overall I am very happy.

Asus USB-AC55 Wireless Driver Download

It is a good router and faster than I used to date.  Quality product. Installation is simple. Good coverage. Good speed. I imagine further improve a USB 3.0. I\’ve put in a 2.0. Advantages: Good coverage and speed of transmission. Easy installation. You can opt for drivers and utilities or only by drivers. The latter is what I have done. Disadvantages: a photo of the SITE appears with external antenna which has not sent me. I doubt that will work on Linux. I have not checked. For me this can be important.
Asus USB-AC55 Software Download
Download Driver Asus USB-AC55 AC1300 Dual-Band Wi-Fi USB
Download Driver Asus USB-AC55 USB Wifi
Stunning design and superior performance. has greatly improved the functionality of my previous USB adapter, internet is now much faster and fluid. the size may be the only downside, I see a little big. Since my Fritz Stick has slowly given up the ghost had to be something new. I use Win10 and a Rampage IV Extreme, Have a VDSL100 line, Use it almost exclusively to gamble In principle, it is really easy with Win10 64B (I think everything from Win7). Unpack, plug in, ready. But if you absolutely like here criticized the 5GHz network wants to use, there are two possibilities But first, the Asus tool install because there have been problems. For me, only the version of ASUS USB-AC55 V1.0.0.7 worked. After installation, you can then select all the networks and access points. The second way is when a tool is not important, on the Device Manager to configure the stick Device Manager to make> Network Adapters> Asus USB-AC55 USB Wireless Adapters> Advanced> Channel Mode> 5G Only. Then Win shows only the networks 5G mode.
Download Wireless Driver Asus USB-AC55
Problems with the stability or Ping fluctuations I have not, either when googling even while gambling over several hours. Also great downloads to run without crashes or problems (Star Wars Beta and BF3 60GB). The only expectation that he could not fulfill completely was the reception, had hoped that as more comes but that\’s whining at a high level, because I have the Fritz Router 7490 on the ground floor and seats in an old building in 2OG. In 5G network I then so it was good because they are in 2OG min 351Mbps stable and still more are like the fastest Fritz Stick. The workmanship is very good, he sees with the stand out very well and the cable is long enough, just a little thick the cable. All in all I can recommend him and Unrivaled for the price.
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