Download Driver ASUS USB-AC51

ASUS AC51 Driver Download. ASUS USB-AC51 is the smallest to immediately update the desktop and notebook to the next generation 5G Wi-Fi installation proceeds smoothly with Wi-Fi 802.11ac adapter USB. Its internal antenna specially developed to provide wireless speeds up to 150 Mbps to 433 Mbps 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. It supports multiple OS including Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The transmission quality and great features make USB-AC51 a huge option for simultaneous downloads, online games and video streaming.First of all, the positives: The dongle is really very small and short. This makes it bothers example, on a notebook handy at all.
ASUS USB-AC51 Wireless Driver Download
That was it but unfortunately already on the positive side. Who wants to use the device in 5GHz mode, can not do anything. Immediately when you plug in the PC will be installed by Windows 8.1 drivers, but these are quite old. Found that with the Windows drivers often no 5GHz networks, I knew. Therefore, I have downloaded directly from the ASUS page the latest drivers for Windows 8.1 64bit and installed (version Annoying: When you install every time a process crashes \”Registry Writer\” from. The 5GHz problem was after installing the new drivers continue. No 5GHz networks findable!
ASUS USB-AC51 Software Download
Download Driver ASUS USB-AC51

Driver ASUS USB-AC51 Download
For safety\’s sake, I have the ASUS driver then uninstalled, wherein the above-mentioned process crashed again, and install the drivers of the wireless chip manufacturer. It concerns with the ASUS USB-AC51 namely a MediaTek (Ralink) MT7610. On the MediaTek website current drivers are available again. I guessed it already, however: Even with these drivers are no 5GHz networks found. I still have about another hour of my life wasted all possible settings on the router and in the advanced settings of the WLAN adapter to adapt the device manager. Among other things, I have 802.11h enabled (because DFS), tried every channel profiles, and so on. Nothing has helped. Meanwhile, all other 5GHz devices have in my household at any time to connect to the 5GHz network of my router.
Download Driver ASUS USB-AC51 Wireless
For 2.4GHz network router connects my USB AC51 without any problems. The data transfer rates are in this mode, always slightly worse than the notebook\’s 802.11n Adapater. This is not surprising, since the antenna of my notebook will be a bit better. I had but I bought the ASUS dongle because I wanted 802.11ac retrofitted inexpensively at my notebook, not because I wanted to run the dongle in the 2.4 GHz mode. After a good two hours fruitless tinkering I have the dongle wrapped unnerved again. Pity about the time! If you want to use 802.11ac or 802.11n in the 5 GHz mode can not do anything with this part. It just does not. My guess is that it affects all dongles based on the MediaTek MT7610, because these have the same hardware. About 5GHz problems with the MT7610 I have now read much in hindsight, so I would rule out a technical defect in my copy actually.
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