Download Driver Asus PCE-N15 Wifi PCI Adapter

Asus PCE-N15 Driver Download. I mainly get PCI/PCI-e wireless adapters, media bridges, or play around with DD-WRT. I additionally still use an ancient, however safe PCI WMP300N for 20 greenbacks plus free 3 antenna booster that i will stick on my wall above my desk, can not beat that, however this was 3 years in the past. Good, I wanted a rapid strategy to get my cousin\’s pc on my wi-fi without needing to worry about purchasing one more router and load up DD-WRT.
Asus PCE-N15 PCI Driver Download
I did some comparing between USB vs PCI/PCI-e community cards and since USB 2.0 runs at 480Mbps, having a USB wifi adapter that runs at 300Mbps (8Mbit = 1MByte for people who don\’t know, so 480Mbps = 60MBps). Also being dual band, much more intent I wanted to get it. My son method and mine both run windows 7 pro 64-bit. Mounted was once effortless. Plugged in the USB extension cable (which is best like 5-5 inches long, but it surely was a flex cable so I might factor the USB dongle upward, instead of getting it simply sit horizontal out of the back of the process.
Asus PCE-N15 Software Driver Download
Asus PCE-N15 Driver Download

Download PCI Adapter Wifi Driver Asus PCE-N15
After that, plugged in the USB dongle, ran the mounted disc, and used to be equipped to navigate without problems by way of the utility. You can additionally use the home windows 7 default wireless settings to make use of the adapter. When you get on, go to the ASUS internet site and download the trendy utility and drivers. The utility was effortless, and i absolutely adore it better.
Download Driver PCI Adapter Asus PCE-N15 Wifi
Set up the computer for the 5GHz band and it was set, received full 300Mbps, normally drops down to 243Mbps minimal. Also that laptop was the one one in the field that had the 5GHz hooked up, so no congestion. This used to be an convenient and fast established, additionally being USB it\’s best for when loved ones or associates seek advice from and wish to set them up with something speedily and without problems. Additionally first-class as a spare in case your possess wi-fi goes out within the computer.
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