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AOC C24G1 Monitor Driver Download. I state that I come from a monitor with IPS panel (1080P in 60HZ) and I am the owner of an Nvidia graphics card and I was trying, after upgrading the graphics card, to find a monitor with the right features that would allow me to fully exploit its potential. In particular I was looking for a monitor that had: 144hz, good visual quality, variable refresh (for synchronization with the GPU) especially after Nvidia recent introduction of standard VRR support (FreeSync).

AOC C24G1 Drivers for Gaming Monitor

Before this AOC C24G1, I tried another AOC g2590fx monitor attracted by the G-sync compatible function but with TN panel returned due to a defect in the backlight and because I was not able to bear the type of panel, too accustomed to the color fidelity of the IPS.

This monitor (the Aoc g24c1) comes with the right features: 144hz, VA panel, FreeSync and aggressive curvature. 1080p on a 24 inch is still acceptable for people like me in games who want to keep the framerate high but don\’t want to have pixels that are too easily distinguishable.

We come to the features: very positive feedback on 144hz, a giant step in terms of fluidity in movements compared to 60, excellent reactivity and feeling of being truly connected with what you are doing, it almost seems that the monitor anticipates your movements. Good visual quality that allows you to watch multimedia content and not just play games, the colors are good, the viewing angles are excellent. Benefiting from the typical contrast of the VA panels, the blacks are really dark.

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As for the FreeSync I am very satisfied with the operating range (48-144hz) and many games work perfectly, without any defects. In some cases, flickering occurs during uploads or if the frame rates goes outside 48-144. During the game, however, staying within this range I can say that there is no difference compared to a certified monitor.

AOC C24G1 Gaming Monitor Software

The aggressive 1500R curvature for me would have been a superfluous \’feature\’ but once tried it I admit that it is comfortable to have the whole display at the same distance from the eyes and it makes it look even slightly larger when viewed from the front.

The AOC C24G1 height, inclination and rotation angle adjustments are also comfortable and well made, always very fluid and the presence of the vesa attachment is excellent. Positive note also with regard to shipping, in fact, the monitor is contained in a second package in addition to the original box, thus leaving it almost immaculate.

In my experience, however, I also found some defects: The AOC C24G1 panel has a slight backlight bleed in the lower and upper part that can be seen with black backgrounds, nothing too annoying but it is present, fortunately not too evident when watching movies in cinema format with black bands above and below.

The AOC C24G1 monitor has a depth (in cm) that is not indifferent, for those like me who have space problems you will find the closest display. Slight blur in transitions from black, as the panel is VA and the black is very deep, the pixels take a few more milliseconds to react.

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High probability of receiving a monitor with defects, already found in several reviews, I was able to experience it firsthand as the first monitor received had a pixel burned right in the center. Fortunately, bought with prime and replaced immediately, the new one arrived the next day.

To conclude, after months of research, I feel like I have finally found a monitor capable of meeting my expectations. If I also consider the budget (200 € at the time of purchase) I think that to have the characteristics listed above, the alternatives are very few. Council, however, buy the ease with prime views of finding faults but especially recommend this monitor for its value for money and because I finally found a monitor that, to ensure good performance, should not totally sacrificing visual quality.

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