Download Driver And Utility TRENDnet TV-IP672WI IP Camera

Download Driver And Utility TRENDnet TV-IP672WI IP Camera. We introduce the IP camera TRENDnet TV-IP672WI an IP camera with high specifications. TRENDnet not only makes routers, access points, and other devices PLC networking, IP cameras also manufactures a high quality and a multitude of configuration options.
The IP camera today we bring is capable of recording at resolutions up to 1280 mega pixel × 800 resolution at 30fps, ie in HD 720p. Not only is able to record in the light of day, but thanks to its infrared can record without any light at a distance of 7.5 meters indoors.
TRENDnet But we not only had a ready IP camera that works day and night but the TRENDnet TV-IP672WI is a robotic camera that can move remotely not to lose detail of anything. It is able to rotate through an angle of 340 ° and has a tilt up and down at an angle of 115 degrees. It also incorporates a microphone to record audio and broadcast it through the network or videotaping, not to miss anything.
Includes a minijack for connecting speakers and also can remotely talk (two-way audio). Other features are in terms of connectivity concerned, the TRENDnet TV-IP672WI can connect to our network to Wireless N speed up to 150Mbps, incorporates WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Setup) to make it easy to synchronize the camera with wireless network. We may also connect via cable thanks to its port Fast Ethernet.
The firmware that incorporates the TV IP672WI is very complete, and can configure actions on camera (triggers) so that when there is movement take pictures or record video, this material can be stored on a microSD with its slot for such cards and also send it by email or FTP server.
Download Driver And Utility TRENDnet TV-IP672WI IP Camera
External Analysis
The IP camera TRENDnet TV-IP672WI comes well protected in a box large. The box is orange and black at the bottom of it are the main features of this TRENDnet TV-IP672WI such that records in HD Megapixel, free software management, compatible with mobile devices, two-way audio and that is able to function during the day and at night thanks to infrared. At the rear of the camera box IP-TV IP672WI find a brief outline and examples of operation by a picture where we can see the difference between recording the day and at night thanks to infrared. In the right part indicate the main technical features of this camera in various languages between which lies the Castilian.
The camera IP-TV IP672WI comes in white color, is a camera that when the catch in hand feeling that he is very well finished and not \”toy\” as IP cameras from other brands, this camera is a dirigada a home environment but no effort has been spared to make it robust and \”strong.\” In front aprte can see the lens and infrared to low light conditions. We say that the default firmware is automatic and if we focus to a place dark, hear a little noise, this is because it is activating the infrared automatically. At the bottom are two LEDs, one on the left is the activity of the Wi-Fi and WPS and on the right is the power LED. In the rear we find all the connections of this camera. From left to right we have the port Fast Ethernet (100Mbps), power connector, WPS button, the output minijack for connecting speakers (AUDIO OUT), the reset button is also very small and the slot for microSD card and put record everything that occurs locally. And finally we found the Wireless antenna that omnidirectional dipole with a gain of 2 dBi. If we want to expand the wireless coverage we switch to another higher gain, the connector is RP-SMA, as usual.
Finally, at the bottom of the camera data such as MAC address, model and serial number, found no information commissioning of the camera. Default is the DHCP client enabled to connect to our router IP directly and take us to enter its configuration menu. The CD is built more on this.
Installation, configuration
The installation of this camera is fully Plug & Play, just connect the camera to the wireless router via Ethernet or Wi-Fi and automatically obtain IP address to connect to it. We can use the button for WPS to be associated automatically with the AP. With the CD that this camera can be configured in a guided manner. Once we have the camera on, if we access via the web it we see the following interface. On the left side we have the movement arrows remote camera. We also have access to the configuration of the camera on the top.
User experience on Android has been negative, the application is slow to do different actions to enable / disable the microphone. We also have some delay in the image from the computer is almost immediate. This application is the same as the application on Android smartphones, the version is the same for both.
We have also tested this app on iOS devices, specifically an iPad 2. This application is designed specifically for iPhone so that the graphics are not quite achieved. Performance on iOS is very good and the picture looks quickly. Also move the camera remotely, something that Android application permitted.
We must be critical of the Android app, but so we should be, and much as the camera does not have a portal Cloud, from where we could manage the cameras so online and would not need to open ports to access the cameras as they use NAT transversal. The use of NAT traversal is easier than facing the User because we forgot to host DynDNS or No-IP, and also because we have to set a local private IP to open one port and access. With the penetration of services cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive or SkyDrive, we miss not having support for uploading to these services would be a very nice feature. The Android application is very slow, and the image comes fairly late, IOS is instantaneous. No NAT traversal, we set a local IP, assign a host Dynamic DNS and open a port for accessing the camera. It has a portal management TRENDnet camera, this would facilitate their remote management.
Final Conclusions
This IP camera TRENDnet TV-IP672WI conspicuous by its high quality materials and a high-quality picture and sound for streaming online. That has many configuration options is a plus for those users who want to control everything that happens to the millimeter. Thanks to that we can save photos and videos to an FTP server or send the information by e-mail, we can have full control of the space. In part, too, can save the information to the microSD card but if a thief comes and steals the camera, the recordings will go with it, which is why it is advisable to send it via FTP to a remote server or via E-Mail.
Applications for mobile devices, in the case of iOS is well achieved, but not on Android, where the User Experience is pretty bad. We should also be critical for not using a Cloud NAT traversal, it is true that there are other cameras compatible with TRENDnet Cloud, but in this model we have analyzed. If you are interested in purchasing a IP camera, we recommend you have a look at this TV-IP672WI, but we also recommend the TV IP851WIC TRENDnet Cloud.
Never upgrade firmware on any TRENDnet product using wireless connection. 
Firmware upgrade over wireless connection may cause damage the product. Perform firmware upgrade with \”wired\” network connection only
Please do not save the camera\’s configuration file from the old firmware and restore it after the firmware upgrade.
After a successful firmware upgrade, please reset the camera to factory default and re-configure the camera. We are strongly recommend you change the camera\’s administrator\’s account password.
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