Download Driver Alfa AWUS1900 USB WLAN

Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Download. This Alfa network adapter works well. This article is intended to connect a Windows, Linux or Apple Mac computer / laptop to a WLAN network if the existing network adapters do not work, do not exist or have not enough power (= range and connection quality). The connection is made with a USB cable. (3.0). The product is as usual Alfa used, comes in the original packaging with USB 3.0 cable, the installation CD and a short manual, and two antennas.
Alfa AWUS1900 WLAN Driver Download
The Alfa AWUS1900 network adapter increases the range of WLAN reception drastically and also with the new standard. 802.11ac. In the field test I have a successful and usable connection to a WLAN which is about 400m away can be created with the enclosed original antennas. Further successful connection tests: Test 1) ca 50m away between two cars with the normal antennas, by 2x single car glass windows, maximum approx. 10MB / s. Test 2) ca 300m away with Alfa 14dBi MIMO panel antenna, by 2x simple glass Windows, a concrete wall in maximum approx. 11MB / s.
Alfa AWUS1900 USB WLAN Driver Download
Alfa AWUS1900 Driver Download

Download WLAN Driver Alfa AWUS1900
Test 3) approx. 150m away to a restaurant on the other side of the street from the car (so 1x car wash) as well as double glazing of the building to the router and connection with about 8-9MB / s. Test 4) approx. 1000m away with 24dBi Alfa Parabol antenna through 2x simple glass windows to a public WLAN which had a direct line of sight apart from some people and flowers: approx. 6MB / s. The WLAN connection quality and range is the right one Software drivers one of the most important criteria.
Download Driver WLAN Alfa AWUS1900
There are a variety of driver and software versions for this adapter. I have tested several drivers under Windows, Mac OS and Linux and find that the adapter basically works everywhere. In case of connection problems you can uninstall all drivers and then download / install a new one at Alfa. There are constantly new driver variants.
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