Download Driver Alfa AWUS036NHV 5000mW USB Wi-Fi Adapter

Alfa AWUS036NHV Driver Download. I had an actual crisis with my Wifi connection because there is 6 to 7 walls with three whole residences in between me and the entry point. I tried a TP-Link manufacturer item and acquired almost adequate signal in a single spot within the house for Youtube to just about work at about 1 Mbps. I bought this device with the magnet base as the spot within the condominium with the strongest sign was over a metal trash can and that i inspiration the magnet base to be ultimate to maintain the antenna in position. In the apartment with the Alfa I now got .6 Mbps which was once fairly low and upsetting.

Alfa 5000mW AWUS036NHV USB Wireless Driver Download

I move the antenna to the highest of the metal garbage can and the signal went as much as 1.2 Mbps. After moving the antenna on the highest of the can a few times the signal obtained to 1.6 Mbps. I then tried to maneuver the can across the kitchen and moved it closer in tiny half of inch increments to the wall facing the entry point. The antenna isn\’t good and the wall all lined up to get 9 Mbps in one spot and best that spot. Recall WiFi bounces on all objects a bit mainly cans \”seem up Cantenna\” and in addition to a lesser degree partitions.

Alfa AWUS036NHV USB Wi-Fi Adapter Driver Download

Alfa AWUS036NHV Driver Download
Download Wifi Adapter Driver Alfa AWUS036NHV
I do not think I would get a better result on this without a parabolic antenna which this gadget may additionally will connect. Move it one inch in any direction and the signal went to 2 to 4 Mbps. The max WiFi pace in the condominium difficult subsequent to the entry point used to be 17 Mbps. Also be aware of that for those who need to go through an extended distance or many partitions the scale down the frequency in this case 2.4 GHz and now not the newer AC or equivalent 5 GHz contraptions the simpler it\’s. I absolutely worked 5 years in the WiFi enterprise and i used to be sure that I had to buy a Yagi antenna for this which you can do or probably a directional antenna however I wanted to scan with the 9 dBi antenna first.
Download Driver Wireless Adapter Alfa AWUS036NHV
This item will not be the \”great\” gadget nevertheless it is likely one of the most versatile on the market. Which you can attach all forms of Antennas, Yagi 12 to 14 dBi, Directional 14 to 16 dBi, Canttenna 14 to sixteen dBi and ultimately the Parabolic Antenna at 24 dBi. If WiFi can work I advocate this for you. That you would be able to spend $300 plus for a solution which might in all probability be not so good as this adapter and exclusive antennas.
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