Download Driver Alfa AWUS036H USB Wifi

Alfa AWUS036H Driver Download. The WiFi USB adapters have become one of the most profitable alternative for users who have a computer that does not have WiFi built and have the need to connect using a WiFi network (especially desktops). For our test will have a Wi-Fi adapter company Alfa Network, specifically the model Alfa Network AWUS036H. It is an adapter that operates under the IEEE 802.11b and IEEE 802.11g standards. Before starting depth analysis noted that he has left us a good taste, especially for its compatibility with operating systems like Linux or Mac OS X, we should also mention that the manager he has is very intuitive and easy to use so that will not cost you much acquainted with its operation. Before focusing with the physical appearance of the device, we leave the technical specifications of the adapter. Later also indicate how to install the adapter on Windows and Linux. The adapter comes in a box that occupies 18cm x 12cm x 3cm, so it is a fairly small size box where it must be said, is all very well placed to not suffer any blow. In the box, among other things, lists some of the benefits that owns the USB adapter. It is also indicated schematically some of the uses that could be given to this adapter form.
In the back we find the same as with the front of the adapter, but in this case the bottom. We can also see a small scheme Alfa Network has made an example of using this adapter and that other products from this manufacturer can be combined. Finally, we see what we quoted above, we will not have any problem when you install the adapter driver with great compatibility with current operating systems. If we open the box we find the protected by a rigid plastic adapter. The adapter includes a fairly short under our opinion USB cable, antenna and an installation disk that holds the transmission adapter and drivers for different operating systems.
Download Driver Alfa AWUS036H USB Wifi
Alfa AWUS036H USB Wifi Driver Download
Before starting with the first step of the installation, not to recommend plugging the adapter until ye have not installed the driver and the manager and if you have any further connected by USB adapter, you desconectéis because drivers may conflict. From the main menu we find the options to install drivers USA (FCC Driver), the drivers of the European Community (EC Driver), user manual, access the manufacturer\’s website, and how to contact supported. The difference between the FCC and CE drivers is that they have assigned a different frequency range in which the adapter works, but both drivers run smoothly.
Installation on Windows XP / Vista / 7
The installation of these three operating systems is very similar, so we opted to do with Windows XP as an example.
1. Once you have selected which driver will install, the FCC or CE, select Windows driver (if you are going to install on XP) or Windows 7 (if that is seen or 7). We automatically opens a window installation and see how files are extracted. It takes less than a minute and when done the same setup we returned to the CD installation menu.
2.- Once the setup is complete it is time to first connect our USB adapter. As you can see, once installation is completed Realtek symbol appears on the taskbar (the chip is Realtek) and when we connected the following message appears. When the adapter driver has finished installed the following symbols appears on the taskbar. Symbol exists an available wireless adapter in the PC and also that icon that mimics a graph of coverage is the management program adapter and later we will see displayed.
Installing on Linux
The adapter is directly recognized by the operating system and works perfectly as to be instantly connected, Network Manager adds it to your list. This has been proven in kernel versions 2.6.10 and 2.6.38. We assume that in the intermediate versions should be no problem.
Operation Manager Adapter
As we mentioned above, the adapter has a very intuitive manager and we will greatly facilitate the work. If we click on the icon on the taskbar just appeared when installation which is an indicator of the level of the signal, not the typical Windows) The following window will open. The manager has 7 tabs, a side bar that indicates the adapters you have installed on your PC, and a set of lower buttons not turn off or disable features allows the adapter. The adapter can operate as infrastructure mode or access point, allowing you if you have another network card in your PC with internet connection, it can be shared with other devices.
Performance testing
Based on the manager and the statistics offered by the quality of the link we have done some tests. To give you envisage as the stage is a duplex. It is a block of flats that has two floors of flats, bass, and garage. Three shots inside the house. As you shall see, barely affects the go or electric elements are next to the adapter. We got the quality and intensity snore snore but nevertheless remain magnificent levels. Add that with the laptop I did the test, a Dell Inspiron that has a wireless card Broadcom chip, 5 minutes I was lost signal twice and 5 bar is the indicator of the taskbar of Windows, only got to have one.
Alfa Network USB Adapter has created a very good performance and 100% recommended for homes in which the distances to the router are large or with a large number of obstacles.
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