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Ajazz AJ52 Gaming Mouse Driver Download. It is as the title. I have tried various mouse products, but this Ajazz AJ52 fits my hand better than any mouse I have ever used. (Holding with a cover). I tried using it a little with a knob, but the feeling of use does not change. great. In the Ajazz AJ52 with a thumb hole, the second joint of the thumb does not hit the mouse, and it is shaped so that it floats slightly when moving to the right, but this sticks perfectly and can be moved smoothly.

Ajazz AJ52 Drivers & Software

The little finger and ring finger side can also be placed freely. There was a scene where mouse Pure was too small to use, but it is just the right size and both flick and chasing aim are good. Despite its medium size, it weighs 89 grams, which is about the same as a small mouse, so it feels quite light (the vertical width is the same as G502).

Side rubber? The grip is between rubber and plastic, it\’s not a smooth and smooth type, it\’s hard and it feels like the surface of a cloth mouse pad. The main button is clicked on the left, but soft on the right. The side buttons are horizontal like a typical mouse, not diagonally protruding like Ajazz AJ52. It\’s big and easy to push.

The settings app Swarm is normal in a good way. There is no particular sale like this, but there are no problems. Profiles have never been skipped like other integrated apps, and devices have never run out of control. But are the options narrow when building macros? That\’s about it. It has a mysterious function called DPI calibration.

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Ajazz AJ52 Software

The only complaint is that the LED is \”very high\”. A fatal level for some people. I haven\’t measured it in detail, but it\’s the longest gaming I\’ve ever used. However, there is no adjustment function. The low-priced version is up to that point, but I\’m dissatisfied with it because it was possible with Ajazz AJ52 Pure Owl-Eye in the same price range.

The rest is written in the reviews of overseas people, but it is said that there is an individual with a defect in the wheel. It has not occurred on our side, but if it does occur, I would like to add it. That\’s all for details. Ajazz AJ52 as it is, gaming and cool! The appearance and touch are elegant and beautiful. I was wondering if I should buy it when another Ajazz was released, but it was through because it was just after I bought Pure. However, a low-priced version has arrived. I like black and white two-tone so I made a reservation immediately.

Since Ajazz AJ52 is used at 4000 dpi, I honestly understand the difference from the Owl-Eye sensor, and there is no other texture and grip habit like this in the price range. However, only LED is really high. I don\’t really care about it, so I use it diligently. I highly recommend it to those who do not care about LOD and those who want to start a gaming mouse.

Ajazz AJ52 Driver Download for Windows

Ajazz AJ52 – Home Planet–AJ52 Gaming Mouse .zip 3.1MB – Download

Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 Game mouse driver(PAW3212).zip 2.8MB – Download

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Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 – Mouse Driver.rar 3.5MB – Download

Ajazz AJ52 – AJ52 Gaming mouse driver (new version).rar 3.1MB – Download

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