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Firmware Action Camera YI Lite With the YI 4K and YI 4K +, Yi Technology has released its new top dogs in the Action Cam segment and made life difficult for the competition. But this perfection of a Aktioncam has its price so you pay for the YI 4K € 269 for the plus version even 369 €. With the \”YI Lite\” should change now with a starting price of just 150 € is aimed specifically at newcomers in the Action Cam segment. The design of the Yi Lite is based on the Yi 4K or Yi 4K + so the dimensions are at least according to the manufacturer exactly the same, so that all accessories such as underwater housing or risers are compatible. In fact, the dimensions of the Yi Lite and the Yi 4K + are very similar but completely identical. Since these differences are only in the range of a few millimeters they are visually anyway not and in use only in that the Yi Lite in the case of the Yi 4K + still has a little more air resulting in slight rattling noises. However, since the YI Lite brings her own case into which she fits EXACTLY, this poses no problem. Processing the YI Lite comes close to the YI 4K +, but it quickly becomes apparent.

Action Camera YI Lite
Action Camera YI Lite
Download Firmware Action Camera YI Lite The similarities to their larger brothers of the YI 4K and 4K + happily do not stop with the design. So the YI Lite has a 2 inch screen with integrated touch screen a fact that surprised me in this price range. In contrast to the more expensive models, the screen resolves only with 320×240 pixels. Nevertheless, he is sufficient for a review of the image section and thus does a good job. Above all, the touchscreen is a feature that once you get to know them, you do not want to miss any ActionCam anymore. In addition, the Yi Lite also inherits the simple and intuitive menu navigation of the YI 4K and YI 4K + in conjunction with the touchscreen, all options are quickly found and no annoying button presses are needed a big plus. Also adopted was the tripod connection on the bottom of the Action Cam this is also in practice immensely beneficial, since so no case is necessary to mount the YI Lite eg on photo tripods. However, if you do not want to touchscreen inputs, you can also use YI\’s specially developed \”YI Action Camera\” app to make settings on the YI Lite. For example, the resolution (from 720p at 120FPS over 1080p at 60FPS to 1440p at 30FPS) can vary, adjust the iso value, calculate the fish-eye effect (a special feature in this price range) or adjust the exposure. Adjusting the camera angle as with the more expensive models is unfortunately not possible. However, the YI Lite offers electronic image stabilization at a maximum of 1440p and 30FPS (in 4: 3) which can be used with 1080p recordings with 60FPS.
Download Firmware Action Camera YI Lite The most important feature of any action cam is ultimately the quality with which it takes videos. Basically, the quality of a video is a very subjective assessment which makes generalizations very difficult – so you will find in the appendix several comparison images and videos between the Yi Lite and Yi 4K +. Basically, I can only say about the YI Lite\’s video performance – neat – although the YI Lite lacks many details in direct comparison to the YI 4K +, it should be noted that the YI 4K + costs over € 200 more than the YI Lite. Basically, the YI Lite takes well-saturated videos in Full HD in good lighting conditions, with the white balance sometimes deciding on a slightly underexposed version of the image. However, the YI Lite is particularly well suited for shots where the camera lingers relatively close to the object, as is the case with vlogs, for example. In the distance, like any action cam, the YI Lite quickly loses details and sharpness. The YI Lite is nothing more than a slimmed-down version of the YI 4K or YI 4K +. It achieves neither the build quality nor video quality of its role models – but it does not have to – after all, it is not (like the YI 4K +) beyond the 300 € but is delivered for 150 € on your doorstep. With comparable usability and slightly poorer video quality than YI\’s top models YI 4K and YI 4K +, the YI Lite is clearly aimed at beginners in the ActionCam scene and is definitely recommended.
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