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Abkoncore M30 Gaming Mouse Software & Driver Download. The Abkoncore M30 gaming mouse is great in the hand and can be quickly and easily connected to the PC using the adapter supplied. The price-performance ratio is great. The service from Abkoncore leaves nothing to be desired. After a week, the adapter in my laptop bag broke. I contacted Abkoncore customer service and they responded within a day. Now a new mouse will be sent to me.

Abkoncore M30 Driver

Really ridiculous for the price. Always fascinating how manufacturers manage to produce such a good mouse for 25 euros. Clear buy recommendation. Good haptic feeling and good workmanship. The battery lasts about 2 full days with very heavy use before you have to reconnect the mouse to the cable. The mouse can also be guided very precisely and easily by hand. But you can still tell that it is a cheap product. The plastic surfaces are painted and some of the plastic parts are not 100% free of burrs. But nothing negative to complain about. For 25 euros really great!

I have this Abkoncore M30 mouse on the laptop and I assumed that it would have to be charged when it was empty and that it could not be used during this time. Wrong thought, just connect it to the laptop via a charging cable and continue using it. I am very happy with the many DPI settings. Gambling works very well too.

So I\’m totally thrilled! So far I\’ve only plugged it in for a short time and now charge it first. it shines so so so beautifully, it doesn\’t bother at all. it is not too easy but not too difficult either. connected immediately without any major setup! so far really great!

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Everyone knows it, as soon as you have bought a new mouse, it will break in the next few months or up to a year. At least that\’s always been the case with me. That\’s why I bought a cheaper one this time, with the expectation that it would soon go on its knees again. The Abkoncore M30 connection to the notebook is always stable and it is also pleasant to use.

Abkoncore M30 Drivers Download for Windows

Abkoncore M30 –  User Manual PDF Download

Abkoncore M30 –  Mouse Software Download

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