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A4Tech Bloody G480 Sound Card Driver Download. Hello friends, the A4Tech Bloody G480 without expectations. If more that the Bloody G480 represents a downgrade than little a better audio solution. I\’ll make it short. The comparison between my Realtek ALC892 shows it clearly:

A4Tech Bloody G480 Drivers

The A4Tech Bloody G480 sound card is a bit louder (especially when comparing the two at 30%) and the highs are a bit clearer. In terms of medium and bass, I see both on the same level. I would say it is worthwhile to get the card for this reason alone. I test with headphones, I think the difference is significant with slightly more expensive headphones and speakers, so it\’s a nice-to-have.

That was the reason for the purchase. I wanted to make a headset myself and switched to the above setup. Normal headsets are almost exclusively designed for gaming and are fat, ugly, overpriced plastic bombers with weak RGB. The setup cost me a lot less. Still, the microphone quality is not the best.

Also summarized here: The ALC892 onboard solution is a joke against the A4Tech Bloody G480. Both cards enjoyed the same sound setting from me. With the ALC, there was also the noise reduction, otherwise it sounds terrible. In direct comparison, the A4Tech Bloody G480 sounds 200% clearer and more differentiated at a microphone volume of 100% for both and 0% amplification on the part of ALC. In addition, the voice does not sound compressed and mumbled through cotton wool.

A4Tech Bloody G480 Software Download

(small – with sound off I\’ve the feeling that it is sometimes in contrast to the ALC rushes But something little and felt in the silent state, and quite honestly, who is wearing headphones and has be running anything).

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Who is it for? For everyone who wants to show the would-be plastic gaming headset lobby and for everyone who likes good microphone quality (for a ridiculous price). I can only recommend my setup above to everyone, for 43 euros you only have really great sound. No matter if telco or listening to music, you will not be disappointed.

I bought this A4Tech Bloody G480 sound card for my 5.1 Logitech System x530. Since Windows 10 is too stupid to run 2 blade inputs separately, you have to use a USB card. Since my setup is kept rather clean, I don\’t feel like using the front blades. The sound card does everything well, even if I don\’t think the quality is that great, it rattles and makes a cheaper impression, but the impression doesn’t last long.

Connected to the card works 1a, with small minus but what can I say am satisfied. The LED is a bit annoying because it flashes blue, a bit annoying in my setup because I keep everything red and then something shines blue.

A4Tech Bloody G480 Driver Download

Download Software A4Tech Bloody G480 Sound Card

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