DOSS SoundBox Pro Review, Firmware and Manual Download

Download Manual and Firmware for DOSS SoundBox Pro Windows OS. I originally ordered this DOSS SoundBox Pro speaker because my Echo Dot has a very unpleasant sound. When I then connected the two devices together, I immediately noticed that the box has more to offer than others for this small price. The sound is great, the bass is neither too exaggerated nor too dull, just perfect. I also like the operation by touch, a light touch is enough.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Firmware & Review

Overall, I\’m super satisfied with the DOSS SoundBox Pro, it has a lot on it for a small price, I don\’t feel ripped off at all or anything. I would definitely prefer this DOSS SoundBox Pro to a JBL loudspeaker because it\’s smarter, better, and cheaper.

For just 25 euros, the DOSS SoundBox Pro offers a very good sound, even in the bass range (which is technically possible given the size). Above all, it was important to me that you can insert a micro SD card. But be careful. Unfortunately, it is not clear from the description whether the card must be inserted with the writing or the contacts facing up.

I tried the writing up and the card got so stuck in the slot that I couldn\’t get it out. It doesn\’t look out an inch either. I didn\’t want to use tools (knife, screwdriver). I sent the sender an email to point this out and described the problem to him. What do I have to say, I promptly received a replacement. After I inserted another card the right way around, everything works fine. Again, my warmest thanks to the great customer service.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Storage

So when using the SD card function, make sure that the contacts on the card are facing up. To say it in advance, I have no comparisons with other devices. I had seen a Bluetooth soundbox live for the first time months ago at a friend\’s house and was very impressed.

After some optical, price and review comparisons, I ended up with this sound box. I hear a lot and very different music on a tablet, especially since the 5.1 sound system on my TV is not really suitable for playing CDs and the tablet provides me with different collections so that I don\’t have to constantly change CDs . The speakers on my tablet don\’t really work either.

What a treat is the DOSS SoundBox!

The first pairing via Bluetooth is simple, as are the other pairings for playing the music. The DOSS SoundBox Pro connect automatically. The sound and volume are great, I am satisfied. Since I don\’t have a comparison, I cannot give either positive or negative feedback.

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Pairing also works with other devices, such as my smartphone or Chromebook, but I\’ve only rarely used it so far, not at all with my smartphone.

Unlike other reviewers, I find the acknowledgment tones when switching on and off quite pleasant. Especially if the device switches itself off after 15 or 20 minutes if it no longer receives a signal. I will then know about his \”condition\”. The volume control is unfamiliar and takes a bit of getting used to, but nevertheless easy to use.

The size of the box is very pleasant for me, both optically and haptically (can be grasped well) and I am surprised every time how much sound comes out of such a relatively small device / box.

Since I listen to music for many hours a day, I have to recharge the box every three to four days. To do this, I easily connect it to the charging cable of my smartphone so that the cable supplied can remain in the delivery box – as a reserve.

DOSS SoundBox Pro Travel

We use this box on vacation to listen to music on the beach or in our mobile home. The box is ideal for this. The workmanship is very high quality and the sound quality is very good. The music is clear and the bass is fine too. Of course, the bass cannot be compared to a decent subwoofer sound system or expensive devices from premium brands, but this box is recommended for normal music enjoyment.

I ordered the box because my tray doesn\’t get any usable sound. The sound box sounds good. The volume is amazing for such a small device. Music is also reproduced well, even bass is included. The Bluetooth connection works perfectly. A transport bag, USB connection for charging and a connection cable for the Line In input are included. The so-called background lighting for the soft-touch keys is quite bright. I don\’t yet know the total running time exactly, but the box has been in operation for two days now. So far, clear buy recommendation.

Conclusion for DOSS SoundBox Pro

Who would have thought that such a super clear, bass-filled sound could come out of a small black box. My rule of thumb when it comes to boxing is: the heavier the better! This is fully true here. You can tell from the actual weight of the SoundBox that there is a lot of quality behind it. The SoundBox Pro is solidly made and makes a real alarm.

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This box is taken anywhere where there is an increased risk of theft, falls, etc. For this price it has a really very good, sufficient and loud sound.

At home in the garden I have the slightly higher quality and larger Xtreme. I use both about the same amount, so I can say that (although I attach great importance to good sound) this box is perfectly suited as a portable \”go anywhere box\”!

I bought the soundbox less than two months ago. The DOSS SoundBox Pro sound is great, I really enjoyed it. It\’s handy and small, you can take it with you to the different rooms in the apartment if you want. The Bluetooth connection works quickly and easily, and handling is generally pleasant.

I think this one is beautiful and simple, charging is also easy. The battery also lasts quite a long time and does not affect the quality. Only at the very end, when the battery is already weak (and the device is already flashing) there is a noticeable loss of quality. But that was also just before the battery was completely empty, so understandable.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to switch the device on since yesterday. I didn\’t use it any differently than before, I also fully charged the battery again so that it couldn\’t be because of that. When I try to switch on the device, the buttons (except for the blue circle) light up as long as I press the button, but nothing happens. Unfortunately, the sound box cannot be used. Since that happened after such a short time, I am not very happy and can therefore not give a good rating.

I\’m really excited, just great quality! It doesn\’t matter whether it\’s relatively quiet or really loud, the sound is great and the connection via Bluetooth is established very quickly! Simply great and highly recommended!

DOSS SoundBox Pro Firmware and Manual Download

DOSS SoundBox Pro Manual

DOSS SoundBox Pro Firmware

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