CoolerMaster MS110 gaming bundle with mouse and keyboard

The CoolerMaster MS110 is not just a gaming keyboard, but a complete bundle of keyboard and mouse. In the short test, we reveal whether the set with RGB lighting and standard equipment can be of interest to entry-level gamers.


CoolerMaster MS110 Quick Review

CoolerMaster MS110 Design & processing

So much in advance: With a total price of around 70 euros for a bundle of mouse and keyboard, no highly polished aluminum structure with ergonomic rubber palm rests or the like should be expected. Nevertheless, the complete package doesn’t make a bad impression, considering the price factor. The keyboard corresponds to the standard size and even comes with an integrated NumPad. The mouse, on the other hand, is kept quite compact, which could be particularly negative for users with larger hands.

CoolerMaster MS110: The keyboard

The mouse and keyboard have a uniform matt black plastic look and glow in the same purple tone when they are connected for the first time. The lighting appears to be quite consistent in both cases, although not too strong, as the LED are located under milky-white plastic or rubber elements. In the case of the keyboard, this milky surface lies under the exposed key switches and reflects the light. This creates the effect of extensive background lighting, as we already know from many other gaming keyboards.

CoolerMaster MS110: The mouse

While the keyboard lighting can be adjusted in terms of color and light mode using various key combinations, the color combination of the three mouse light zones is always tied to the specified DPI levels. This means that it is not possible to set up a really individual lighting scheme, let alone synchronized lighting on both devices.

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CoolerMaster MS110: Characteristics

The CoolerMaster MS110 Bundle works according to the plug & play principle, so it is simply plugged into two free USB ports and is immediately ready for use without additional software or driver installation. Nevertheless, both devices do not do without a small handful of useful functions, as they are gladly seen in gaming peripherals.

The keyboard is equipped with so-called “mem-mechanical switches”, a new word created from the terms “membrane” (rubber dome) and “mechanical”. These “hybrid” switches are basically inexpensive rubber dome switches with an attachment that is supposed to simulate the feel of a mechanical keyboard. In fact, typing is much more pleasant than with a conventional entry-level keyboard with rubber caps, but it is nowhere near a full-fledged mechanical keyboard. The polling rate is very low at 125 Hz, which is a drawback that is bearable in view of the price.

Furthermore, the keyboard offers 26-key rollover and a Windows lock key. So it was able to keep pace with less complex game tests. On the other hand, the same cannot simply be said about the mouse. The MS110 mouse is designed for right-handers and is equipped with two thumb buttons and a DPI button. These can at least be configured in ingame key assignment menus. So far so good.

The big downer of the gaming mouse, however, lies under the hood: An optical PixArt ADNS-5050 is used as the sensor, which is good as an inexpensive sensor for office mice and less hectic games. Anyone who thinks of playing a serious FPS match or similar mouse-intensive title with this rodent will be bitterly disappointed. After a short test, the sensor turned out to be not very precise and made us look quite old during a brisk round of Battlefield 5.

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CoolerMaster MS110 Conclusion

Demanding gamers will avoid the CoolerMaster MS110 mouse and keyboard bundle. In terms of equipment and functionality, one or the other match can be contested on the keyboard, but the mouse quickly runs out of breath with its weak sensor. The limited options for adjusting the lighting are also annoying.

CoolerMaster charges around 70 euros. Even in the entry-level segment, this amount sometimes only goes over the counter for a keyboard and so we get at least one more or less optically coordinated peripheral starter set for one purchase. This makes the CoolerMaster MS110 combo perfectly suitable as a gift to the little brother who should slowly be introduced to the colorful world of gaming.

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