Canon Selphy CP1300 Printer Review

I hesitated for a long time. I had had the idea of ​​equipping myself with a photo printer for over a year now and it was during the Christmas holidays that I took the plunge and opted for the Canon Selphy 1300 printer. Latest model in the range, in pink (obviously!), It had everything to please on paper, but does it live up to my expectations? Is it easy to use? How it works? We will find out together!

Canon Selphy CP1300 test and review

The first with this article which will tell you generally about the device and its strengths and weaknesses. I choose to do this for the sake of fluidity and comfort for you! I also prefer to warn you: I will not speak specifically of the “advanced technical” aspect of this product because other sites do it much better than me but rather on the practical side / quality and results and give you a “first” opinion impressions”. Lovers of incomprehensible terms for ordinary people: You have been warned…

 How does the photo printer work?

The device itself is easy to use. We place the cartridge in its location, load the paper in its tray, taking care to lift the mobile part and then clip the bottom to the printer. We put the device on “On” and then, after having configured the Wi-Fi we just have to start printing either via the Canon application (or another photo collage application of your choice), or from memory card or USB key.

Basically few settings to handle unless you change paper sizes regularly and again, the helping hand is taken quickly! The mobile screen is not touch-sensitive, so navigation in the menus is done using the keys on the top of the device but again, the options are mainly provided to act on the photos brought via memory cards or USB flash drives. If you use a collage application (MOLDIV style for example) you will not need to touch the options via the printer. We will talk about it in the next part.

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Is Canon Selphy CP1300 quality of the print good?

Surely the point that interests us the most, isn\’t it? The printer uses sublimation printing technology. It is a technology which in general brings a real beautiful rendering and respects the nuances of colors. With this printer you won\’t be disappointed if you want quality prints. Personally, I find the prints to be of excellent quality.

The Canon Selphy CP1300 Pros:

  • Wireless
  • Possibility to print from different media: SD card, smartphone, PC, tablet and USB key
  • Several paper formats: Traditional photo format, credit card format, stickers
  • Colors and renderings faithful to the original image
  • Possibility for example to print labels, photos in different formats and for example identity photos
  • Paper quality, “glossy” effect of the photo and a priori the photo does not yellow over time
  • Easy to handle device
  • Compact (unless we compare to a pocket printer, obviously)
  • Clear notice
  • Practical and aesthetic object
  • Possibility to add a wireless battery

The brand: Canon is still an excellent brand so, well, that too remains a “+” And to finish, the pleasure of your best photos printed live from his office with a beautiful quality

The Canon Selphy CP1300 Cons:

  • Starter pack sold without paper or cartridge, it\’s a shame (but it is the case of all these printers it seems to me)
  • Cost of refills a little high (well, it depends: for example 108 photos in “postcard 10X15” format comes to $35)
  • Need for a different medium depending on the type of paper used : information not always very clear, risk of disappointment / confusion for the less informed
  • Cannot change the paper size until the inserted ink cartridge is finished. (that sucks)
  • Equipment between smartphone and printer a little laborious at the start but hey! The joys of digital, when you don\’t want it… well, you don\’t want it. Never get upset, read the instructions carefully.  It also helps.
  • A little noisy impression
  • Lacks a more creative application to make the collages / formatting of the image
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What is the price of the Canon Selphy CP1300 printer?

This printer is sold (for the pink color) on average at the price of $130/140 (variable depending on the color) !! Please note in the starter pack, there is no cartridge or paper, just the cassette which will be used for printing standard photo formats (called postcard formats). A kit that includes both the cartridge and the necessary paper should be purchased directly.

For my part I bought 2 kits in addition to the printer, namely:

→ A “normal” RP-108 kit which includes 108 sheets in 10X15 photo format (“postcard format) and 2 ink cartridges. This kit is compatible with the cassette delivered in the starter pack (PCP-CP400 cassette). It costs on average $35.

→ A “creative” Selphy kit which includes:

1 PCC-CP400 cassette (necessary to print all “KC” reference paper, namely smaller formats than 10X15. Without it, you will not be able to use your label or bank card format refills with the cassette supplied in the Note that it is also sold individually but it is therefore more advantageous to take this pack.)

1 paper kit + KC-18IL ink: 18 sheets to print mini stickers

1 paper kit + still KC-36IP: 36 sheets for printing photos in credit card format

Which in fact gives you at the same time enough to make mini stickers and small photos that you can easily slip into a wallet or put in a planner and diary. The + is therefore the cassette which is sold in the pack since per unit it already costs about twenty euros so good, you might as well take the pack with it and have something to see coming! I remind to make it clear that each pack includes an ink cartridge which is designed to hold the number of sheets included.

You can find the Canon Selphy CP1300 Driver <— the driver link.

A small video to see the impression of a photo and also to give you some advice and briefly present the menus.


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