Download Software Buffalo LinkStation 220 2 TB 2-Drive NAS

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download. To repeat the technical data here would be nonsense, which are indeed detailed and precise in the product description. I limit myself to commissioning and handling. There is a brief guide, which shows in a few pictures the connection of the LinkStation to the PC or the network.
This is quickly done, then the station can be switched on. Included is a CD, the software included is sometimes required during the installation, some is also optional (such as the backup application). Without the installation of CD on a PC in the network, my system (Windows 7 and Windows 8) did not show up in Explorer. After the Buffalo LinkStation 220 installation, it was then visible on all five connected PCs.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Firmware Download

The decision whether to run Raid 1 or Raid 0, One should hit before data is stored on the station. I first had a few directories copied to the Buffalo and then changed from the factory-set Raid 0 to Raid 1 with the effect that the data was eradicated. All necessary settings can be configured via the interface provided during the installation. Most of it is self-explanatory for experienced PC users, but there is also a very detailed PDF manual, which can be downloaded from the website of the manufacturer. If you want to have information on a particular keyword quickly, this is really very helpful.

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Cloud NAS Software Download

Buffalo LinkStation 220 Software Download
Download Cloud Software Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the Buffalo hard disks in the network is significantly faster than with my previously used Stora station, Which only had 2 TB of space (and also runs in Raid 1 mode). However, the Buffalo station is also much clearer thanks to its fan. \”Loud\” would be the wrong word, but a permanent noise from the blower is not to be overthrown. I tried also the access from the Smart TV, after I had switched on the media server function. The TV listed the Buffalo station immediately, the access was again significantly faster than with the Stora.
Download Software Cloud Server Buffalo LinkStation 220
The access to the data over the Internet I have not tried, because I do not need the function. The backup program I have not installed, because the existing data backup with the new LinkStation had no problems. My conclusion: Quickly installed, Clearly in the operation and configuration and at a very reasonable price for the 8 TB total capacity – you can not complain. Thumbs up! Quite loud, I find it not actually, from time to time it is a bit slow but it was only with the first direction really annoying. Since then, I hardly touched them anyway, automatic back up is done well and I wanted them mainly.
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