Badgy 200 Driver Download

Download Driver Badgy 200. I decided on this Badgy 200. because it was advertised with easy handling and a friend recommended it to me. So I struck when the article was reduced a little. Thanks to the sell, the product came to me relatively quickly after 2 days. I was very happy to finally have my own card printer!

Badgy 200 Drivers Download

So I unpacked the product. The Badgy 200. printer has been packed relatively well in a normal package + its own packaging. What made me suspicious at that point: White stickers on the opening of the box from the printer. I asked myself the question, did I buy the printer as NEW or used? I checked it was marked new. I then unpacked the printer and saw the following:

Scope of delivery:

– Printer

– Power cable (not a European plug, but US plug, so unusable)

– Ribbon (open, 50% already used)

– 2x 50 cards (open, one pack was completely empty, there were test prints from outside the box, the other box was missing About 10 cards, so there were about 40 cards, although 100 is indicated.)

– USB cable

– Instructions + CD (Drivers)

When I saw that I had received a used copy, I immediately had it returned prepared. Since a friend has the same printer, I can also say something about the printer itself. The Badgy 200. instructions are relatively simple, but there are a few problems with Windows 10. You can get it to run though. The colors are unfortunately very weak and not as clear as they were created in the program. For example, you have to brighten green very strongly so that the color can be seen on the map.

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Unfortunately, there are often misprints, as well as tape faults. I think this printer is not really mature enough yet. For people who want to print a few cards, the printer may be suitable (as a new device). I can only advise against all other ideas about this printer. It just doesn\’t work enough. This Badgy 200. is a little behind.

The printer prints borderless, it prints cards relatively quickly, but unfortunately you can also tell from the quality. In summary: Better to spend a little more and get another, \”better known\” printer. So here the Badgy 200 printer driver download.

Badgy 200 Drivers

Badgy 200 Firmware

A firmware is internal printer software that enables its electronic and mechanical features to function. Evolis continually develops new updates in order to add new features or provide bug fixes.

> Firmware version 1754 (Released on May 2020) (Badgy 100/200) Size: 184.27 KB Type: .zip – Download

Badgy 200 Driver Macintosh 10.12 > 10.15

> Badgy Card Printer – Setup version (Released on July, 2020) Size: 3.53 MB Type: .zip

Mac OS Printer Driver compatible with Mac OS X version 10.12 to 10.15 – Download

Badgy 200 Driver Windows 10/8/7 (32/64-bit)

> Badgy Premium Suite – Setup version (Released on September 2020) Size: 32.06 MB Type: .exe

Windows Printer Driver compatible with Windows 7 (32/64b) & higher  – Download

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