Asus X55U Driver For Windows 7 x64

ASUS X55U Driver Windows 7 has some acceptable competencies while had some horrible features.Its sturdiness and sustainability are one of the correct capabilities.The computer has a long time frame form that definitely enables man or woman to carefree about the pc whilst you are traveling somewhere.


Asus X55U Laptops Driver Downloads For Windows 7 (64-bit)

Some The hardware also are notable specifically the motherboard.The Ease of use is not to properly because of the truth it is a heavy weight laptop .The outstanding and durability of additives are extended however low configuration. Asus made this kind of remarkable motherboard.The display and its choice is also correct.Now a few spoiled capabilities.

It\’s genuinely simply has a completely dumb and that makes your thoughts-numbing.It has nice 1.7 GHz.A very awful center processor nearly the most downgraded, AMD VISION E2 .It simplest sounds particular but does no longer feature nicely. The ram is best 2.Zero GB. That makes anyone cry if he begins doing a little knotty and complicated works. That manner you may do multitasking properly.

The digital digital camera isn\’t well, and the important element pad is just too.The worst element is the Wi-Fi, ohh guy thats very hateful. The variety of the Wi-Fi is to quick distance. That is virtually absurd.The fee of coins for this laptop presently is lousy,there are various distinct laptops higher than this are available at this rate. The costumer service and manual is right.

Asus X55U great capabilities and immoderate velocity at low charge. I am the usage of and walking easily. Its fantastic and smooth to apply. I additionally endorse human beings to shop for this and revel in. It consist immoderate velocity for internet and to an entire lot usefull for net clients. I will become purches anoother for my friend and its helps all shape of excessive tempo video video video games.

I accept as true with the ASUS logo a super deal. Almost as an entire lot as I did HP approximately ten years within the past. This computer got here in properly packed and prepared to move. Switching from an amazingly rapid and effective 17.3 inscreen quad middle gaming pc with 12 GB RAM, this did seem a bit gradual and small, but after cautious reflected image, it\’s far approximately par with others in this spec range and price. The show is awesome and clean, the keys are very responsive tune pad is a pleasing duration and perfectly sensitive.

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I do now not similar to the multi-touch settings on the track pad in any respect! They have a propensity to get within the manner and whilst seeking to perform easy obligations cause errors again and again all over again. But that is have grow to be off VERY without difficulty. The great authentic gripes I even have for this are that the audio tool are pathetic!!!

Even at entire amount I although couldn\’t pay interest absolutely in a quiet room. Also that with the memory that end up manufacturing facility set up, it have turn out to be so very pitifully slugish! I needed to order greater RAM it max it out at 8GB. Even with the upgraded RAM, it however freezes for a few seconds if you have too many stuff open right away. Overall for the money I paid for this, it seems like a alternatively properly essential and cheap computer gaming.

Asus X55U Laptop Drivers Download For Windows 7 (64-bit)


ATI Graphics Driver Version V9.012.0.0000 Download Here
ATI Graphics Driver Version V8.930.0.0000 Download Here


Version 423 Download Here 
Version 422 Download Here
Version 420 Download Here
Version 415 Download Here
Version 414 Download Here
Version 410 Download Here
Version 408 Download Here
Version 211 Download Here


Realtek Audio Driver Version V6.0.1.6777 Download Here
Audio Driver Version V6.0.01.10400 Download Here


Athros LAN Driver Version V2.0.15.16 Download Here

Pointing Device

ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver) Version V1.1.3 Download Here
ASUS Smart Gesture (Touchpad Driver) Version V1.0.32 Download Here
Elantech Touchpad driver Version V10.5.9.0 Download Here


AMD AHCI Driver Version V1.2.001.0327 Download Here


Life Frame3 Utility Version V3.1.9 Download Here
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology Version V1.02.0041 Download Here
ASUS Live Update Utility Version V3.1.7 Download Here
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities Version V1.0.0020 Download Here
MyBitCast Version V1.0.0.4 Download Here
Instant On Version V2.3.3 Download Here
ASUS USB Charger Plus Version V2.1.1 Download Here
WebCam Utility Version V3.1.2 Download Here
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology Version V1.02.0040 Download Here
WebCam Utility Version V3.1.1 Download Here
ASUS USB Charger Plus Version V2.0.9 Download Here
ASUS FaceLogon Utility Version V1.0.0014 Download Here
ASUS Scene Switch Utility Version V1.0.11 Download Here
Power4Gear Hybrid Utility Version V1.2.1 Download Here
Power4Gear Hybrid Utility Version V1.2.0 Download Here
ASUS Wireless Switch (Wireless Console3) Utility Version V3.0.27 Download Here
ASUS Virtual Camera Utility (The Camera driver must be installed.) Version V1.0.25 Download Here
ASUS Live Update Utility Version V3.1.2 Download Here
Instant On Version V2.1.8 Download Here
Keyboard Device Filter Utility Version V1.0.0.3 Download Here
Ralink Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V3.2.13.0 Download Here
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V9.2.0.504 Download Here
Foxconn Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V3.02.13.0000 Download Here
Foxconn WiFi Wireless LAN Driver Version V3.2.11.0 Download Here
Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application Version V9.2.0.480 Download Here


Windows BIOS Flash Utility Version V2.41.0 Download Here


Atheros BlueTooth driver Version V7.4.0.150 Download Here
Foxconn BlueTooth driver Version V9.1.692.43 Download Here
Atheros BlueTooth driver Version V7.4.0.120 Download Here
Foxconn BlueTooth driver Version V9.1.686.34 Download Here

EMI and Safety

E-standby Certification Version V1.0 Download Here
CECP Certification Version V1.0 Download Here
Energy Star NOTICE OF COMPLIANCE Version V1.0 Download Here
CB Certification Version V1.0 Download Here
CCC Certification Version V1.0 Download Here
BSMI Certification Version V1.0 Download Here
CE Declaration of Conformity Version V1.0 Download Here
FCC Declaration of Conformity Version V1.0 Download Here

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