Asus USB-AC68 Driver, Manual, Review and Download

Download Driver Asus USB-AC68 for Windows 32-bit/64-bit. I wanted a good WLAN adapter for my PC that could handle data volumes and speeds as well as LAN. I accepted the high price and in my eyes got what I expected.

Asus USB-AC68 Drivers & Review

The Asus USB-AC68 adapter gives me the same performance that I would achieve with a cable without causing great disconnections or other problems. Signal strength is almost continuously at 100%, ping is good in multiplayer games and even if I run several data-intensive applications such as Discord + Online Game + YouTube in the background, the speed is always there, no crashes. I will still experiment with the 5GHz frequency range to increase the speed further, let\’s see how the adapter performs. In any case, the review will be updated if negative features are expressed over time.

The stick has power. He\’s bigger than others but he runs, you have to say. At last, almost all of the router\’s performance arrives at the PC. Other sticks before were always weaker and only 50-60% of the performance reached the PC. And they were already with an extra antenna.

The Asus USB-AC68 is around 95% and that’s an announcement. It\’s easy to install and Windows will recognize it without any problems. There are also no interruptions or other wifi. It costs a little more than others, but the price is worth it!

Asus USB-AC68 Test

Since I get WiFi from the neighbor who lives offset below me, it\’s a bit of a challenge for WiFi to maintain a decent connection here. I really tested a lot of sticks, TP-Link, FritzWlan, 0815 from Ebay – now it\’s Asus\’ turn for a little more money.

I operate the stick on a 10m USB cable which doesn\’t just work without hurdles. The option \”BEAMcap\” must be deactivated in this scenario, otherwise it is dead pants. USB3.0 is not possible in this case, which is not necessarily a disadvantage and the performance is good. All the other sticks I used before worked, but with some drawbacks. I struggled with inconsistent downloads / uploads, occasional disconnections and sometimes unsatisfactory and compulsive software.

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Positive about the Asus USB-AC68 AC1900:

  • The stick offers many device settings
  • 3 year guarantee
  • Attractive design
  • Full download and upload rate
  • Download / upload are very stable, as is the connection rate.
  • No software required

You get a really well thought-out product here, which is convincing across the board. There is no software, just a driver. And I like that very much! With many other WLAN sticks, it is imperative to install proprietary bloatware in order to be able to enjoy the full (and smooth) range of functions. For me, this WLAN stick is the best of all those I have tested before, and this in all respects. In light of this, I think the price is okay / the product is not overpriced. So I am very satisfied and I recommend the stick without hesitation!

Unfortunately, the WLAN of my Thinkpad T430s is defective. The antenna module is not and further repairs would be pointless in terms of costs. Then I discovered this stick a few days ago and ordered it on good luck.


Asus USB-AC68 Pros:

1. The Nano AC1200 is very small and does not interfere in any way with the laptop when carrying it back and forth, in the bag or even on the sofa

2. Cannot bend due to the size

3. Due to the 802.11ac, standard and 5Ghz frequency operation are included the full 130Mbit that was booked with UM on my laptop.

Asus USB-AC68 Cons:

– Price quite high so

Asus USB-AC68 Driver

The processing consists of solid plastic. Clean and without defects. The stick was recognized immediately. It didn\’t need a driver or anything. Enter the WiFi code, done. So straightforward.

Now to the performance. Before that, my WiFi was always bad or there were failures, decoupling or I had to plug the stick in and out. That was my problem with the previous Fritz BoX Wlan Stick.

Now that I have the Asus Stick, there hasn’t been a single case. I am completely convinced and the stick does a great job. As if it were a real magnet with reinforcement. Use the USB stick on my desktop PC and it is completely easy to install and does its job as it should. since I don\’t have a super fast line, I don\’t get more than a 16,000 line over DSL, it is perfect for me. If I use my cell phone as a mobile hotspot, 87 Mbit / s are no problem for the stick.

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I have had this stick for a month because the Ethernet connection via the power grid in our house in my room seems to have only an extremely poor bandwidth.

In the best case, our Internet runs at a download rate of 20 megabytes, which I clearly missed with an average of 5 megabytes.

That\’s why I’ve now bought a WiFi stick and even though I’m sitting one floor above the router, it always delivers the full bandwidth with a full connection and also a consistently good ping for online games, which is also up to 10 MS better than Ethernet.

The whole, coupled with the fact that you practically only have to connect the stick and the rest installs and adjusts itself, are definitely full 5 stars for me.

Asus USB-AC68 Manual

I was put on the stick by a friend and have never had problems with reception so far, it is easy to install and even looks quite stylish in the socket.

The Asus USB-AC68 driver installation is almost self-explanatory and can also be carried out by laypersons.

The processing can now be argued. I think it’s good and I can\’t fault it, but others may be put off by the plastic. Admittedly, it\’s in my socket next to the computer and it’s never moved.

To decide whether a built-in WLAN antenna or an external one: it doesn’t really matter, but I have significantly better reception with the device than a friend with an integrated one, but opinions are divided.

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