Acer SB220Q Drivers, User Manual & Guide Download

Download Acer SB220Q Drivers and User Manual PDF. But first of all, the Acer SB220Q screen came with awesome with the usual. Well now to the monitor, after a little fine adjustment with the colors in the Windows settings, the picture looks great. I was scared when I read he would lose the picture for 1-2 seconds every now and then and whoosh he does that with me too. Is probably due to the cable (new ordered). But occurs irregularly and only in certain high FPS games. I switched from a 31.5 “to a 27”, so you had to get used to it again.

Acer SB220Q Drivers & Manual

The Acer SB220Q 75Hz and Freesync are a nice thing, I don\’t want to be without it from now on. If the problem with switching off still occurs, an update will appear. I shot it in the flash offers for 289 and you can probably not get a WQHD, 75Hz screen cheaper.

Acer SB220Q with 75Hz and Freesync is a statement in this price range. Of course, you can\’t compare the color display with monitors that are available for twice the money, but the image quality is absolutely satisfactory and will hardly bother normal users.

At first I also had to struggle with brief dropouts. These only appeared in games and were apparently caused by Freesync. Switching off Freesync prevents the dropouts, but is of course not a real solution. After trying almost everything unsuccessfully (high-quality DisplayPort cable, connection via HDMI, numerous settings, request from Acer customer service), the solution came quite unexpectedly via the \”CRU\” program. In my last desperation, I simply created a new monitor profile with the manufacturer\’s Hz values. The monitor has now been running flawlessly for over half a year.

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Why did the new profile in CRU solve the problem? No idea. Since then I have enjoyed the product a lot after I was about to return it. Those who are not afraid of the risk can save a lot of money here.

So what Acer conjures up with the wqhd monitor is simply bombastic! With the Asus it looks like someone has poured a bag of milk over it. No comparison to the beautiful contrast, super sharpness of the Acer monitor. And the good thing: even freesync works perfectly with the rtx 2070. But it is also possible with the Nvidia 10 series.

Overall this Acer SB220Q is class monitor. It works perfectly. Cables are also all included. The workmanship is very good and the monitor is flyweight! In the test it has so far been very convincing. A very good alternative to its comparison models which are all quite expensive!

Acer SB220Q Driver Download;


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